Teen Mom 2 fans discuss whether cast members should be required to film

The cast of Teen Mom 2
Should the cast of Teen Mom 2 be forced to film everything? Pic credit: MTV

With Teen Mom 2 castmates refusing to film for the show this season, viewers have spoken out about whether the choice should be up to the cast or not.

On this season’s June 8 episode of Teen Mom 2, viewers noticed that Kail Lowry was visibly absent from the show.

Briana DeJesus claimed that Kail was “cut” from the show, and went on a social media rant, calling out Kail for not filming certain events in her life.

Jade Cline and Kail Lowry have refused to film for Teen Mom 2

Specifically, Briana called out Kail for not filming the domestic violence incident between herself and her baby daddy, Chris Lopez. While MTV crews were filming for this season last fall, Kail was arrested for allegedly punching Chris several times because he cut their son, Lux’s hair.

After Briana called out Kail for not filming anything about her incident with Chris Lopez, Kail fired back and says she “deserves to choose” what she films on Teen Mom 2.

Another cast member, Jade Cline, has also recently asked cameras not to film during some of her segments. Jade’s storyline this season has focused mostly on her Brazilian butt lift surgery and recovery.

When Jade was having trouble recovering in Florida after surgery, she demanded that the cameras not show her while she was in agonizing pain. Instead, MTV crews got footage of Jade’s parents disappearing for over three hours and Jade’s baby daddy Sean Austin threatening the production crew.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have taken notice of some cast members’ decisions to not film for the show and discussed whether or not the moms should be required to film, even when they don’t want to.

Teen Mom 2 fans took to Reddit to discuss the moms being ‘forced’ to film for the show

On a Reddit thread dedicated to discussing the “boundaries and filming” on the show, Teen Mom 2 viewers debated whether the cast members should have the right to decide whether they want to film at certain times or not.

Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Some Teen Mom 2 fans think the moms should have the right to shut down filming. Pic credit: u/TiggOleBittiess/Reddit

One Teen Mom 2 fan felt that the moms on the show deserve the right to choose whether they have to film certain events in their lives, but that it could mean losing their jobs if they don’t.

“Of course they should be able to shut down filming. If they create too much inconvenience or don’t shoot enough good content, MTV can choose not to renew their contracts. But they’re all human beings and I can’t blame them for not needing a lens and a boom mike in their face during distressing or vulnerable moments,” the fan commented.

Another Teen Mom 2 viewer agreed with the comment and responded, “100% agree. This is on the producers/MTV to enforce. I don’t blame any of them for not wanting to film stuff that they don’t want to film if they can get away with it.”

Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Other fans of Teen Mom 2 felt that the moms should have the right to choose to film, but should be more careful about filming their kids. Pic credit: u/TiggOleBittiess/Reddit

Should the Teen Mom 2 cast be able to choose when and what they film?

“The last several seasons have been so scripted by the girls to portray all of them as these incredible moms with these amazing side jobs that it’s just a big advertisement for their other endeavors. They all have young kids, where’s the screaming where’s the chaos etc. And stop using the 11 year olds for story lines. They are too old to be manipulated for tv. 11 year olds are interesting just as they are,” wrote one fan of the show.

Another Teen Mom 2 fan felt that the moms deserve a bit of freedom from cameras following them around 24/7. They commented, “The hypocrisy of this sub knows no bounds – some girls are applauded for ‘protecting their kids’ and having ‘healthy boundaries’, some are dragged over the coals for doing the exact same thing. Yes it’s a job. No job is 24/7. Do you want YOUR boss to be able to show up at any time and feel entitled to you?”

Jade Cline got called out by Teen Mom 2 viewers for the last episode when she demanded the producers shut down filming. During the scene, Jade and her baby daddy Sean were having trouble disciplining their three-year-old daughter, Kloie, and Jade was concerned with how she would be portrayed on camera.

With Teen Mom 2 ratings already on the decline and reports of top-tier producers being fired from MTV, it looks like the show might need to make a change when it comes to who calls the shots when it comes to filming.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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