Teen Mom 2: Viewers bash Jade Cline for demanding producers shut down the cameras in latest episode

Teen Mom 2 fans lash out at Jade Cline after latest episode
Jade Cline gets bashed by viewers after the latest episode. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 viewers were outraged last night after seeing Jade Cline’s behavior during the episode. People had quite a bit to say about Jade and Sean’s parenting skills as their daughter Kloie continues to act out.

Last night Kloie was in rare form and refused to listen to her parents, but the part that struck fans the wrong way was when a frustrated Jade claimed that her daughter was embarrassing her on camera. Then she insisted that the camera crew stop filming.

Teen Mom 2 fans bash Jade Cline

Teen Mom 2 fans took to social media after last night’s episode and slammed Jade Cline after she insisted that the cameras be shut down. This is not the first time that Jade has made this request and fans are tired of it.

A few weeks ago, the 24-year-old would not allow the cameras to film her after surgery, and now viewers are wondering how and why she gets to dictate what gets filmed and what doesn’t. Last night Jade wanted to stop filming after Kloie continued to act out on camera.

“If I was a producer the last thing these girls would do is tell me when to put the camera down. I’m filming everything sweetie,” wrote one Twitter user.

Teen Mom 2 fans bash Jade Cline
Pic credit:@imhere82/Twitter

Another Teen Mom 2 viewer questioned “Why do you guys have @jade_desere on the show? I’m so sick & tired of her a** constantly saying, ‘Shut down the cameras!'”

Teen Mom 2 viewers is sick of Jade Cline shutting the cameras down
Pic credit:@WOLFSWIFEY/Twitter

One commenter questioned why Jade was still on the show and wrote, “She’s always dictating to them to ‘turn the camera’s off’ damn I’d like to be able to dictate to my employer what to do.”

Teen Mom 2 viewers is sick of Jade Cline shutting the cameras down
Pic credit:@chaoticputa/Twitter

Teen Mom 2 producers were reportedly fired

Jade’s behavior is a perfect example of why a few popular Teen Mom 2 producers were reportedly axed from the show.

Sources reported that MTV fired several producers for not doing their job, which is to get the MTV stars to share their real-life stories with viewers.

Briana DeJesus even called out some of her fellow castmates a few weeks ago for being able to pick and choose what parts of their lives they show to viewers. She used Kailyn Lowry as an example and noted that her altercation with baby daddy Chris was not featured on the show, while Briana has to show the good and the bad.

Briana should have called out her friend Jade Cline as well because it hasn’t gone unnoticed by viewers that she calls the shots a lot while her scenes are being filmed. And last night was a prime example of that.

However, with these new changes among the production crew, chances are things will be much different for the Teen Mom 2 stars next season as the network aims to get ratings back on the rise.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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