Teen Mom 2: Chris Lopez says he ‘tries to ignore’ questions about Kail Lowry

Exes and Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez isn’t interested in answering any questions about his ex Kail Lowry. Pic credit: MTV

Chris Lopez says that since joining the cast of Teen Mom 2, he’s less inclined to answer questions about his co-star and baby mama, Kail Lowry.

Season 11 marked the first season of Teen Mom 2 in which Chris was a full-time cast member after signing a contract with MTV last summer.

Reportedly, this didn’t sit well with Kail, given her and Chris’ tumultuous relationship history. Shortly after the news broke that Chris joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, Kail began opting out of filming.

Chris Lopez hosts Q&A with Teen Mom 2 viewers

Chris recently answered questions from curious fans on Instagram and one of his followers wondered about his answers in Q&As since starring on Teen Mom 2.

“How have ur Q&A responses changed, if any, since being on the show?” read one of Chris’ fans’ questions.

Chris explained that he doesn’t feel his answers have changed since joining the cast, but he’s choosier about what he answers. Additionally, Chris said that he mainly ignores questions pertaining to Kail.

Chris says he ‘tries to ignore’ questions about his ex Kail Lowry

He said, “My responses haven’t really changed.. I’m just being very selective about what I answer.. I try to ignore questions about the lux & creed mom for the most part.”

chris lopez tells his IG followers in Stories he's going to ignore questions from fans about kail lowry
Pic credit: @chrisxlopezz/Instagram

“Other [than] that I actually been liking the questions more because ppl have been respecting I don’t want to talk about certain ppl so it’s less and less about others and more so about me and my life,” Chris added.

Despite their up-and-down relationship, Kail and Chris share two children, Lux and Creed. Chris and Kail’s relationship woes came to a head in the fall of 2020 when Kail was arrested for allegedly punching Chris after he cut their son Lux’s hair without her knowledge or permission.

It was revealed during Kail’s deposition (in the now-closed defamation lawsuit she filed against Briana DeJesus) that Chris was abusive during their relationship. She even claimed that he tried to “kill” her in 2019 and filed for a protection from abuse (PFA) order against him.

Kail and Chris began their relationship after she called it quits with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin. They welcomed their first son Lux in 2017 and their second son Creed in 2020. Chris has since welcomed a third son, Trew Christopher, with his new girlfriend, whose identity remains anonymous.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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1 year ago

Chris and Briana is bringing teen Mom 2 rate down. Both of them is boring and that is really sad. It is so amazing how you are adults. Chris, lux and Creed mom ask you to leave her alone. But you don’t have the balls to do that. You took Briana and made ass out y’all self. That sad you did not want kail to know you sleep with Briana. Briana is a third hole wonder for you. Chris show is sons he has no respect for babies moms