Is Javi Marroquin hooking up with his friend? Rumors spread amid fallout from Kail Lowry’s hook up claim

Javi Marroquin during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Rumors start that Javi Marroquin is hooking up with his friend after a text message conversation was shared on social media Pic credit: MTV

Javi Marroquin has had a tough couple of months ever since Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry accused him of trying to hook up with her.

After Kail made the claim, other women spoke out against Javi and accused him of infidelity.  Lacey Whitlow from Love After Lockup was one of the women and claimed Javi watched her webcam videos and sent her dirty messages.

Javi was engaged to Lauren Comeau at the time the cheating rumors spread.  The two have seemingly split since the allegations came out but they continue to co-parent their two-year-old son Eli.

Neither Javi nor Lauren have confirmed the status of their relationship, but Lauren has shared cryptic messages on social media that led fans to speculate she has ended their engagement.

Aside from the messages, things had been seemingly quiet until Javi’s longtime friend Christina “Peach” Pietrobon shared a text message exchange between the two of them.  The messages had fans wondering whether the two of them were hooking up.

Are Javi and Peach hooking up?

A fan asked Peach during an Instagram Q and A whether or not she and Javi were still friends.  She playfully replied, “Unfortunately!!” and shared their conversation.

In the text, Javi sent a picture of himself lying in bed with the words “You’re welcome.”  Peach sent a photo of herself back and said, “Lol dumba**.”

A Teen Mom fan account shared the screenshot and several fans chimed in to say they thought the two may have something romantic going on.


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One follower  wrote, “baby mama #3?”

Teen Mom 2 fans suspect Javi Marroquin is hooking up with his friend Peach
Teen Mom 2 fans suspect Javi Marroquin is hooking up with his friend Peach Pic credit: @bellamysmynde/Instagram

Another wondered whether Peach was the girl Javi cheated on Lauren with when he was caught with another woman in their home.

They said, “Thank goodness lauren cut her losses, I wonder if this is the chick he hooked up with whilst he was still with lauren in their bathroom.”

Fans speculate that Javi Marroquin is hooking up with his friend Peach
Fans speculate that Javi Marroquin is hooking up with his friend Peach Pic credit: @themummyseal/Instagram

Javi and Peach’s history

Teen Mom 2 fans should remember Peach from when Javi was still married to Kailyn Lowry.  Peach was friends with both of them at the time and was the person who reportedly helped the two get together in the first place.

When Kail and Javi started to have marriage issues, Peach played both sides for a little while before ultimately siding with Javi.  After Kail filed for divorce, Peach blasted her on Twitter.

Kail told her she had no business getting involved in their relationship or commenting on their marriage.  Fans wondered whether Peach and Javi had ever been in a relationship and Kail made it known that the two of them dated in high school.

It’s unclear whether Javi and Peach remain very close friends or whether there is something more going on. With her tendency to get involved in Javi’s love life and her undeniable loyalty to him, it leaves fans wondering whether she’s had her eyes on him the entire time.

Now that Javi’s relationship with Lauren appears to be over, it’s possible the former friends have turned into something more.

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