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Taylor Nolan opens up about Bachelor Nation outrage over her unearthed tweets, says anger is ‘valid’

Taylor Nolan poses on the red carpet.
Taylor Nolan understands why Bachelor Nation was so outraged by her tweets. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Admedia

Former Bachelor contestant Taylor Nolan has spoken out about her discriminatory tweets after the DOH launched an investigation which could cause her to lose her therapy license.

During an interview on the People Every Day podcast, Nolan says that she understands the backlash she has been receiving from Bachelor Nation over the historic posts.

“It is so valid for people to feel like they can’t trust me,” she says. “It’s so valid for people to feel shocked and betrayed.”

Taylor reveals she was in a dark place at the time of the tweets

The tweets were from almost a decade ago, and Taylor explains that she was struggling during that time.

“I was not in a good place at all,” she says. “I was living in racial trauma. I was living and upholding white supremacy. I was completely lost with my cultural identity.”

She then further details that she was depressed at the time and desperate to fit in.

“I had really absorbed all of the ‘isms’ in our culture. I had absorbed all of that white supremacy and felt just lost. I didn’t think about anything I was tweeting or I was posting,” she says.

“I was depressed, and I was just really lonely and didn’t like myself. I didn’t know who I was. I thought that I was being cool, thought that I was fitting in. I was so lost. I was so confused.”

She then explains that she first saw the error in her ways when she went to grad school and started receiving therapy herself. She shares that she was able to “unpack and unlearn” her racial biases.

Regardless, she still acknowledges that the tweets were wrong and understands the outrage over them.

Taylor could lose her therapy license

The Department of Health was reportedly notified about the tweets by numerous people. Following these reports, the DOH announced that it was considering launching an investigation.

On March 25, an investigation from the state of Washington was officially launched.

The state has yet to determine whether or not it will take action against Taylor for the tweets. If the state does decide to take action, she could possibly lose her therapy license.

Before the investigation was announced, Taylor made multiple apologies for the incident.

The first apology was in video form but after receiving backlash about it not seeming genuine, she issued a second written apology.

This hasn’t halted criticisms from Bachelor Nation.

Former Bachelorette lead Rachel Lindsay said she was “disappointed” in Taylor’s tweets.

Additionally, Bekah Martinez, who competed on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor condemned her tweets and apology.

Corinne Olympios, who feuded with Taylor during their time on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, reminded viewers that she had seen a darker side to Taylor prior to her tweets resurfacing.

Taylor has now acknowledged those comments and claim they are valid.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus at ABC.

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