Former Bachelor star Bekah Martinez speaks out about Taylor Nolan’s offensive tweets

Bekah Martinez
Bekah Martinez slams Taylor Nolan’s apology. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Bekah Martinez watched from afar as Taylor Nolan continued to make headlines on social media on Sunday.

Some of Taylor’s controversial tweets from years ago started to surface in a Reddit thread.

Bachelor fans took the hint and decided to go digging. Throughout the day on Sunday, tweets continued to surface, showing Taylor’s views on several minority groups and other triggering topics.

The tweets are discriminatory and vulgar in nature, so Monsters & Critics has chosen not to share them.

Given the nature of the tweets, some members of Bachelor Nation are reacting, and Bekah isn’t holding back after seeing everything that was coming out.

Bekah Martinez calls out Taylor Nolan for her apology

On her Instagram account, Bekah revealed that she wanted to speak out because she thought that many people within Bachelor Nation would be too scared to say something.

“Taking time out of my sunday social media break to post this because I think a lot of other bach nation people will be scared to say something and this needs to be called out,” Bekah wrote on an Instagram Story, where she included Taylor’s statement.

“@taymocha as someone who consistently calls out other people’s apologies, I expect far better than this bulls**t that consistently centers yourself, and is insanely self-congratulatory and snarky. humble yourself and call it what it is. the things you said went far beyond centering whiteness…they centered bigotry and hatefulness. there is so much disgusting dark things in those tweets. be honest. if this was an integral part of your journey, why did it take until now (being called out publicly) to acknowledge it?”

Bekah also explained that Taylor still needed to apologize and not pass the blame. Her posting about her reasonings was not enough for Bekah. She wanted more accountability and a better apology from the Bachelor In Paradise star.

“You are not above scrutiny for past actions anymore than anyone else. Come at me all you want but I will not back down. What you did is wrong and this written responsible is horrible.”

Bekah Martinez
Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

Taylor Nolan’s tweets were offensive

It was Sunday that the tweets started to surface online. Taylor issued an apology on Sunday night, revealing that she was sorry, but tried to provide a reason for her tweets.

It’s no secret that Bachelor Nation is seeing change these days. Consequences are being handed down for racist and judgmental views, as changes are being made in regard to Chris Harrison’s future on the show after a controversial interview with former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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