The Bachelor: ‘Changes’ are being made in regard to Chris Harrison’s future on the show

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison
The Bachelor host Chris Harrison may be at risk of losing his job for good. Pic credit: ©

The Bachelor production team has been discussing Chris Harrison and reveals that “appropriate changes” will be made in regard to his hosting position.

Chris has been with the show ever since it started over 20 years ago. Even his temporary leave from hosting duties has caused a whirlwind within the franchise.

Many fans and Bachelor contestants agree that he did the right thing in stepping back.

However, they are split on whether Chris should be given a chance to grow and correct his behavior or if he should be fired from the show.

According to People, that is the current discussion that The Bachelor’s production team is having.

A source tells the outlet that the show plans on making changes after the Chris Harrison controversy proved that the franchise needs to improve its outlook on diversity.

“A lot of work is being done behind the scenes to make the appropriate changes and proper moves going forward with the franchise,” says the source.

The source confirms that Chris may be one of those “appropriate changes” made by the network.

“There are talks happening regarding Chris Harrison and his future with the show,” adds the source.

Why Chris Harrison stepped down from hosting The Bachelor

Chris’s decision to step down from hosting came after a tumultuous interview with former Bachelorette and Extra correspondent Rachel Lindsay.

Rachel questioned Chris about Bachelor frontrunner Rachael Kirkconnell and her racist posts on social media. She had posted a picture of her at an Old South-themed party. Additionally, posts of her wearing culturally insensitive costumes were also uncovered.

In regard to the Antebellum dress picture, Chris asked Rachel and fans to give Rachael a break since the pictures were from 2018 and we were living in a different political climate than we are now in 2021.

Rachel continued to inform Chris on the harm behind Rachael’s posts but he kept trying to shut her down.

Ultimately, many fans were disappointed in Chris after the interview. He later issued an apology and announced that he would temporarily be stepping down from his hosting duties.

Viewers will not see Chris Harrison on Matt James’s After the Final Rose episode but his presence on The Bachelorette likely depends on what production decides to do going forward.

Who could replace Chris as The Bachelor host?

Production has made no clear decisions yet on Chris’s future on the show or who will even replace him for ATFR.

Production had reportedly asked Rachel Linsday to host the season finale special but she turned down the opportunity. As far as hosting for the franchise in the future, Rachel has initially said she isn’t looking to take Chris’s job and has said that she wouldn’t resign her contract with the franchise if changes regarding diversity aren’t made.

However, since then, Rachel has been talking with ABC about taking over as host. She reportedly is waiting to see how ATFR goes and what the franchise plans to do in regard to diversity overall.

Now production is reportedly looking outside of the franchise for an ATFR host. As for the rest of the franchise, if Chris is removed, it is not clear yet who might replace him and whether they will have a history with Bachelor Nation or if they will be someone fresh.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Margaret Luedeker
Margaret Luedeker
3 years ago

I don’t want Rachel Lindsay on any show, she has caused enough trouble, for many there this year and Chris Harrison. I don’t like Lindsay anymore and most of the people who watch the Bachelor, do not like her messing up Chris Harrison’s life and Rachel Kirkconnell, It was not her business, get Lindsay off this show, no one commenting likes her now. She made herself look awful. We want Chris Harrison back and not Lindsay. Used to like her but no more. Read all the comments on Bachelor Nation groups.

Margaret Luedeker
Margaret Luedeker
3 years ago

By the way, most of the followers of the show do not agree or like Rachel Lindsay and the issue she has caused recently! Get her off the show, it is not her business. She made herself look terrible.