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Rachel Lindsay is reportedly in talks with ABC about taking over Chris Harrison’s hosting role

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay says she’s still pondering a hosting job with ABC. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay was praised over the past couple of weeks for speaking out on behalf of people of color in the Bachelor franchise.

Rachel, who works for Extra, has a platform where she can speak out about what she finds wrong in Bachelor Nation.

She put Chris Harrison on the spot a few weeks ago in a controversial interview that resulted in Chris stepping back from his Bachelor hosting role at least temporarily.

And if calls to remove Chris Harrison from his hosting role end up becoming reality, Bachelor Nation members have pushed for Rachel take over.

While she has revealed that she isn’t thinking about taking over the hosting role, sources are now revealing that ABC is trying to make things happen for the Bachelorette star in terms of hosting the After the Final Rose special.

Rachel Lindsay could take over from Chris Harrison

Apparently, ABC and the franchise executives have reached out to the former Bachelorette lead to talk about how she could possibly take over for Chris Harrison.

“ABC and Warner Bros. have spoken to Rachel about the possibility of hosting the After the Final Rose special and they would like her to take on the role,” a source told US Weekly.

Even though she supposedly has an offer on the table, Rachel isn’t rushing to take over.

“She is still weighing the options and is pushing for After the Final Rose to include a bigger conversation about race overall in the franchise. No final decision has been made yet,” the source continued.

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About a week ago, Rachel revealed she wasn’t planning on renewing her contract with the franchise. She has a Bachelor-themed podcast, where she discusses current Bachelor events with her co-host Becca Kufrin. Based on recent developments, she made it clear that she was considering moving on.

Chris Harrison stepped away temporarily but could be back

Even if Rachel decides to take over Chris’ spot in The Bachelor franchise, the role may just be temporary. It was just over a week ago that Chris announced he would be stepping back temporarily, revealing he would not be back for the After The Final Rose segment.

Chris made it seem like he would be coming back to host The Bachelorette, which is set to film this spring.

ABC is supposedly trying to remove Chris from the final episodes, editing him out where possible to avoid giving him a lot of screen time.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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  1. Please, NO!! Rachel Lindsay is nothing but a mean-spirited, arrogant, racist, race-baiting, hateful, hypocritical, cold-hearted BULLY. She has an illustrious history of calling people out, insulting them, instigating witch hunts, and breaking up relationships with her unwanted opinions. Who does she think she is? Who made her the ambassador and queen of Bachelor Nation? Chris Harrison is absolutely NOT a racist; he is one of the kindest, most gentlemanly people in television, and has been a friend and mentor to every single person who has appeared on this show, Rachel Lindsay included. And because he refused to help Rachel ruin a young woman’s life and suggested we offer the girl grace and compassion and a chance to defend herself, he is “encouraging racism” and must be canceled? Just NO. Rachel has taken great glee in destroying relationships, careers, and lives all in the name of “equality”–please. She is a wealthy attorney whose father was a judge; she is a spoiled, entitled, self-serving brat who pretends to understand the struggle of low-income black people. She was clearly after Harrison’s job from the beginning and is delighting in destroying him completely. The young girl who attended the Southern belle sorority ball did not mean any harm to anyone; it was a dress-up party, not some KKK event. And Rachel Lindsay just HAD to open her loud, arrogant mouth and make it all about HERSELF just like she has done many times in the past with other BS “scandals”. And the nerve of her demanding apologies from a young girl she has never even met. Rachel Lindsay is a pot-stirring, narcissistic, black-hearted woman who can’t even gracefully accept the apologies she extorted from her victims; it’s just never enough for this woman. She is NEVER HAPPY and ALWAYS COMPLAINING and playing the victim flashing the race card. I cannot STAND HER. And if you look at most of the comments on social media, most people are on Chris Harrison’s side and think Rachel Lindsay should shut up, butt out, and get lost. If she successfully steals Chris Harrison’s job after destroying his life I will NEVER watch this show again. And I will not be alone, trust me!

    • I think Chris Harrison should come back,he always been on there,I think his time away he realized it was wrong ,but he want Rachel Kirkconnell to tell Matt herself,it wasn’t Chris’s job this time,please don’t fire him,he started all the shoes let him continue,don’t destroy his life.


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