Chris Harrison’s screen time could be limited for the final Bachelor episodes

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison could be cut out of episodes of The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison announced this month that he’s stepping away temporarily from the franchise.

He also revealed he was stepping away temporarily from the show and would not host the After The Final Rose segment. When he stepped away, he had already hosted the Women Tell All special and wrapped filming on The Bachelor.

Now, ABC may be doing more to ensure that Chris is not in the spotlight more than necessary.

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Chris Harrison may be cut out of the remaining episodes as much as possible

Us Weekly reported that Chris might be edited out of the remaining episodes as much as possible, which could mean that some scenes will not air.

“There have been conversations about somehow cutting Chris Harrison out from some of the prerecorded episodes or at least some of the portions,” a source told the website, adding, “If not, they may add a disclaimer at the top of the remaining episodes.”

It’s uncertain how this will unfold. Based on the source, it sounds like ABC doesn’t know either at this point.

But it doesn’t sound like ABC wants to cut the cord completely from Harrison.

In fact, “there have been conversations about pushing the Bachelorette back,” the insider added to ensure Chris gets more time away from the franchise so he can come back.

At this point, there have been no public conversations about who would possibly replace Chris.

Bachelor Nation wanted Chris Harrison fired

When Chris first did the infamous interview with Rachel Lindsay, most of Bachelor Nation revealed they were disappointed with the host.

They wanted to hold him accountable and wanted to make an example out of him. Members of Bachelor Nation and fans called on ABC to fire Chris, and fans even started a petition to get him removed.

It seems ABC wants to respect people’s wishes and remove him for a bit but keep him as a host for the franchise. Even though ABC wants to keep him, Chris faces repercussions from his actions.

Chris had a contract with Crest, who issued a statement last week, saying they were looking at the case.

The company revealed they were disappointed with his statements, revealing that they don’t agree with the views he expressed in the interview.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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