Tamra Judge and RHOC fans shade Parvati Shallow, Real Housewife calls the Survivor winner ‘Poverty’

Tamra Judge The Traitors 2
The Traitors 2 featured RHOC star Tamra Judge. Pic credit: Peacock

A feud between Tamra Judge of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Parvati Shallow from Survivor may pique interest in a reunion show for The Traitors 2.

Tamra and Parvati each appeared on the second season of The Traitors, with Parvati, Big Brother’s Dan Gheesling, and RHOA’s Phaedra Parks Murdering Tamra in the game.

Parvati was eliminated three episodes later when she got Banished at a Roundtable. She was the second Traitor eliminated, as Dan was Banished right before her.

Many players from The Traitors have been doing interviews as the show continues rolling. And it’s those interviews where feuds and chaos have been coming up.

One feud is between Big Brother legends, as guest star Dr. Will Kirby went after his fellow alums and how they have played The Traitors.

And now Tamra hasn’t taken kindly to Parvati speaking about her during a recent podcast episode hosted by Johnny Bananas. He was also on The Traitors and has been a star of The Challenge and The Real World.

A feud between a Real Housewife and a Survivor winner

Parvati and Bananas discussed which cast members were honest about knowing who the Traitors were on this season. That’s when she referenced a podcast by Tamra that Janelle Pierzina appeared on.

“But she’s [Janelle] doing that podcast with Tamra. Tamra’s trying to get her 15 minutes of fame from this, ’cause she didn’t do much on the show, and they’re trying to say like they knew after the fact [that they always knew the Traitors],” Parvati told Bananas.

Tamra calls out ‘Poverty’ – RHOC fans join in

Responding to an audio clip of the Johnny Bananas podcast, Tamra began making fun of Parvati’s name.

“This is laughable. Love Bananas and his podcast but he was on #TheTraitorsUS for 15 minutes and here’s Poverty doing his podcast,” she wrote before accusing the duo of hating.

“Stop hating. I’ve been in the podcast world for three years and TV for 16… sit down. Who is Poverty anyways?” Tamra added.

A tweet from Tamra Judge. Pic credit: @TamraJudgeOC/X

RHOC fans came out in force to support Tamra.

“Parvati is about to find out soon about coming after Tamra. Parvati is just clout chasing at this point,” wrote one Real Housewives fan.

Another Tamra fan took her lead and began butchering Parvati’s name.

“Wow Poorvati is OVER, she does not mess with The Two T’s podcast. End her at the reunion mother,” they wrote.

Survivor fans defend Parvati

The Survivor winner also found many supporters online who hit back at what Tamra was posting.

“You were barely on the show,” wrote one Parvati fan with a video of her on Survivor

“I mean you were on the show for maybe 7 mins total and she was the face of it for 8 episodes so maybe not the best defense random old lady,” wrote a Survivor fan questioning how much time Tamra was even on The Traitors.

“I don’t really care for Parvati but she did debut in 2006 and her 3 seasons of survivor had 10-18 million every episode and yours had 3 at most,” responded another reality TV fan.

Parvati Fans Tweet
Parvati Shallow has reality TV fans defending her online. Pic credit: @TamraJudgeOC/X

More from The Traitors

Only a few episodes are left on the schedule for The Traitors 2. But then the entire cast will return for a reunion show. That’s when Tamra and Parvati will share the stage.

Peacock has also ordered The Traitors 3. This likely means more people from The Real Housewives and Survivor could appear next winter.

Here’s why Below Deck’s Kate Chastain was invited back.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is also on hiatus. Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS. The Traitors 2 airs Thursday at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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Sue Sibbert
Sue Sibbert
1 month ago

Tamra was my favourite HW from Cali for yrs but jeez Girl, leave my PARVATI alone. She is my favourite Survivor Female, and a legend.