Here’s why Below Deck’s Kate Chastain was brought back for The Traitors 2 and why she wanted to return

Kate Chastain Traitors
Kate Chastain in Pasadena to promote The Traitors 2. Pic credit: Todd Williamson/Peacock

The Traitors 2 shocked viewers by bringing back Kate Chastain from Below Deck.

The reality television star also appeared on the first season of The Traitors, which made her return very surprising.

Kate showed up at the Scotland castle midway through Season 2, leading to some questions about why she had returned.

But as The Traitors 2 gets closer to naming a winner, it seems that Kate has a route to possibly winning that $250,000 prize.

For Kate’s fans who haven’t tuned in to watch The Traitors, it is a show where contestants are competing for a prize pool. Some players are Traitors, intending to steal money from everyone else (the Faithfuls).

Like many other reality competition shows, it comes down to winning challenges and not getting voted out. One major twist is that many people get suspected of being Traitors.

Why did The Traitors invite Kate Chastain back?

“It was a discussion that we had with the network and the feeling was that she would have different, fresh eyes,” executive producer Sam Rees-Jones told TVLine when asked about Kate returning.

“She didn’t play the perfect game in Season 1, so it wasn’t like bringing back a mastermind. It wasn’t like bringing back Cirie [Fields],” he added.

“Kate actually had unfinished business from Season 1 and she was a fan favorite. We enjoyed spicing things up, having a little bit of a lift,” Rees-Jones also told a panel in Pasadena.

It’s true. Kate was extremely popular with Traitors fans during Season 1 because she has no filter. She says what’s on her mind – leading to many intriguing accusations in the game.

It has continued in The Traitors 2, with Kate being a force at Roundtable discussions as the players try to sus out the Traitors.

The Traitors 2 Interview
Traitors host and producer Alan Cumming and Kate Chastain in Pasadena for a Peacock event. Pic credit: Todd Williamson/Peacock

Why did Kate Chastain say ‘yes’ to playing The Traitors again?

“I was definitely caught off guard,” Kate said about getting invited back before adding, “I said, ‘Did you watch the first season? Are you sure you got the right number? This is Kate Chastain. I think you’re calling a different Kate.'”

“They said, ‘Think about it,’ and I just thought it was such an honor to even be invited back a second time,” Kate added. “We worked it out. I found a nanny for the baby. It was such an honor to be asked back.”

Traitors fans must keep tuning in to learn if Kate can make it to the end. With many people now targeting Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine, Kate may stay below the radar.

More news about The Traitors on Peacock

Only a few episodes are left on the schedule for The Traitors 2.

Peacock has also ordered The Traitors 3. The popularity of the show keeps growing – making the renewal decision very easy for the network.

All previous episodes of The Traitors from the first two seasons are available for streaming on Peacock.

The Traitors 2 airs Thursday at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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