Survivor podcast hosted by Jeff Probst gives the show a new facet

Jeff Probst Survivor Host
More Survivor with host Jeff Probst is on the way. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A Survivor podcast with a new point of view has been announced.

Host Jeff Probst was so excited to put out the news that he filmed a video from inside his car.

According to Jeff, this brand-new podcast will present the point of view of the producers, giving behind-the-scenes access that fans have never seen.

He promises to break down how the show is put together and why specific decisions are made along the way.

“I have some exciting news to share – so exciting that I’m gonna share it from my car,” Jeff begins in a new video shared below.

“For the first time in 22 years, we have an official Survivor podcast. It’s not a recap podcast. There are some great ones out there. This is something very different,” Jeff adds as he excitedly continues his announcement.

On Fire With Jeff Probst

New episodes of the podcast called On Fire With Jeff Probst will debut each Wednesday night following new episodes of Survivor 44.

This provides an exciting way for Survivor fans to learn more about what took place in the episode and what went into the production side of things.

Jeff states in his announcement video that each new episode of the podcast will focus on one aspect of the show, ranging from the cast itself to the new advantages and twists.

The first episode of On Fire will debut right after the season premiere of Survivor 44.

Survivor 44 News and notes

The Survivor 44 cast list includes 18 new people who will be shown playing the game for the first time. One of the notable people among the castaways is a salon owner from Puerto Rico who had some ideas about how he could win the $1 million prize.

Ahead of the first episode coming out, the producers released footage from the Survivor 44 premiere, including nearly three minutes from when the cast meets Jeff on the beaches of Fiji.

That sneak peek has helped create a lot of positive buzz on social media.

As for the start date, the first episode of Survivor 44 arrives on Wednesday, March 1, on CBS. The new season of the show will air at 8/7c each week and is now immediately followed by new episodes of the podcast getting released.

The debut episode is going to be two hours long to get fans fully invested in the new cast, twists, and advantages. And yes, there is a big change coming to the way that the Immunity Idols at camp are dispersed.

In other news, CBS also made an announcement about Survivor 45,

Survivor 44 debuts on March 1 on CBS. On Fire With Jeff Probst debuts right after the Survivor 44 premiere.

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