Survivor 44 sneak peek: Footage released from the first episode

Jamie Survivor 44
Jaime Lynn Ruiz is a castaway on Survivor Season 44. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 44 is coming soon, and CBS has started really promoting the show.

This includes several new Survivor trailers used as television commercials to get fans buzzing and some extensive online footage to really introduce the cast.

With only a few weeks left until the season premiere, the promotions are doing a good job of getting the word out that new episodes are arriving.

The two-hour episode to kick it all off debuts on Wednesday, March 1. Then it’s going to be many consecutive weeks of new episodes until the latest Sole Survivor is crowned.

Recently, the full Survivor 44 cast list came out, giving fans a breakdown of who played the game this time around.

There are 18 new castaways who competed for the $1 million prize, suggesting it might not be too long until a theme involving returners comes around again.

Jeff Probst introduces Survivor 44 with flashbacks

“Welcome to #Survivor: 44!? It’s been 22 years yet the game is always changing.?,” reads the caption to a new trailer that the show posted to Instagram.

In this Instagram trailer, Jeff speaks to the new Survivor 44 cast while referencing what has come before them. And as he explains everything, scenes from past seasons are interspersed to make it even more exciting.

This was a good idea to not only show the new castaways but to reference some pretty memorable people and moments from the past.

A full Survivor 44 sneak peek

Whereas the new Survivor 44 trailers are providing glimpses of what’s to come while also interspersing scenes from the past, a full sneak peek was uploaded to really get people talking about the new season.

Below is a YouTube video that Survivor recently shared, which gives more than three minutes of footage that fans are likely to see during the season premiere. It begins with similar footage to the trailer above but then really dives into things.

In this footage, all 18 castaways are shown on the beach for the first time, and some of them even get the chance to speak with Jeff Probst about the challenges they are about to undertake.

This is also where Survivor fans get to meet Yam Yam, who seems like he has enough energy to carry his entire tribe through the 26-day season. But will he be too outgoing?

As one more reminder, the new season of Survivor premieres on March 1. Before the big day arrives, television viewers will likely get to see even more promotional advertisements from CBS as the network tries to ensure people will be tuning in.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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