Survivor host Jeff Probst says he loves ‘penalties for losing’ and speaks about why the New Era is difficult

Jeff Probst Fiji
Jeff Probst is enjoying the New Era of Survivor. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 46 has seen one tribe get severely punished for losing challenges, and it won’t lead to a change in the format.

Host Jeff Probst is keen on “penalties for losing” challenges, which he noted during a new episode of his On Fire podcast.

During the March 27 episode of Survivor 46, Yanu Tribe was shown struggling in Fiji.

Yanu lost the first four Immunity Challenges, earning a date with Jeff at Tribal Council each time. They got a small reprieve when Randen had to be medically evacuated.

Due to all those losses, Yanu had to vote out Jelinksy, Jess, and Bhanu. Some Survivor fans might not see that as a big loss to the tribe, as those three individuals never really fit in with everyone else.

In her exit interview, Jess said Survivor was “torture” for her. And in his exit interview, Bhanu blamed his tribe for not having “empathy” toward him.

Jeff Probst loves taking away flint from Survivor tribes

In the first segment from Survivor 46, Episode 5, Kenzie talked about her tribe not having flint on Day 10. She alluded to it being a record on the show. Lacking flint meant Yanu couldn’t cook fish that they won at a Reward Challenge, leading to them trading it in for camp supplies.

That lack of flint put Yanu at a huge disadvantage, as Survivor viewers have seen on the show. Thus, it also became a topic of conversation for the new episode of On Fire (called What Y’all Talking About?).

Midway through the episode, Jeff’s co-host asked him if Yanu breaking the record of most nights without fire made him want to reconsider taking away flint from tribes.

“Absolutely…” Jeff said, pausing for effect, “Not.” Everyone in the studio laughed at the way he answered the question.

“Let me get a bullhorn,” Jeff added before pretending he was using the bullhorn to say, “The New Era is here. Everyone earn everything. Penalties for losing.”

“Yeah, expect more of that. This is what Survivor is about. If you want a ‘fun’ experience, go find another show. This is Survivor,” Jeff added for impact.

“I loved keeping their flint,” Jeff stated later, explaining that the consequences are necessary to the New Era.

The good news for Yanu is that they won safety at the Episode 5 Immunity Challenge after finishing second. Yanu got their flint, while the Siga Tribe had their flint taken away.

More from Survivor 46

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Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+. New episodes of the On Fire podcast are released each Wednesday night after Survivor airs.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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Geri Ewald
Geri Ewald
8 days ago

NO one should apply, be chosen or go on Survivor if they cannot make fire or swim. There is no need to go any days without fire . Now that they do have clean water it might not be so horrible but it seems a given.