Survivor exit interview: Tevin reveals elimination ‘hurt’ and he didn’t understand what Q was doing

Tevin Davis Survivor 46
Tevin Davis was a castaway on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Tevin Davis has been doing interviews following his time on Survivor 46.

It was during a chaotic Tribal Council that Tevin saw his game end.

Tevin said he felt safe heading into the vote. He had heard his name mentioned before but was sticking to the plan his alliance members shared with him.

As a reminder, Tevin was voted out on an 8-2 vote. The only people who didn’t vote for him were himself and Hunter McKnight.

But Hunter didn’t warn Tevin about the danger that was coming at the Tribal Council, even though Q Burdette told Hunter that the plans had shifted.

Should Hunter have done more to save the person he was working with as a duo? Or was that six-person alliance doomed from the start?

Tevin shares his experiences on Survivor 46

“I was very shocked because I did feel comfortable, and I mean, that’s the point of a blindside — to make the person feel as comfortable as possible,” Tevin told Entertainment Weekly.

Tevin noted that something felt wrong earlier in the day. He took those worries to Liz Wilcox, but she talked him down.

As for why he didn’t do a better job defending himself at Tribal Council, Tevin said he got wrapped up in the chaos Q had created.

“And then when Q went chaotic like he did at Tribal, I was so confused and the thought of me going home completely was out of my brain and I was like. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore. So it was a big shock,” Tevin elaborated to EW.

He was also asked to be honest about his time on Survivor and pressed to admit he was hurt for being voted out so early.

“It definitely hurt to be voted out of the game, but I had been saying the whole time when I first got there: Me being here is the win,” Tevin responded.

As for Venus Wafa, Tevin noted she was connected at the hip with Soda Thompson. Even though Venus and Soda openly fought, they were seen as a tight duo. This is something Soda noted in her own Survivor exit interview.

Tevin speaks about the Live Tribal and Q chaos

In the video below, Tevin does an exit interview with Rob Has a Podcast. He speaks about how he thought the vote was to eliminate Venus, and that Q was trying to quit.

Tevin also revealed how much he was in the dark during that fateful Tribal Council. He seemed disappointed that Hunter didn’t clue him in. Not getting warmed by Hunter was one reason Tevin didn’t scramble more during the Live Tribal.

Jeff Probst says he doesn’t like Q was trying to quit. He spoke about it after that pivotal episode, but did he give Q too much credit?

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

And here is information on the Survivor 46 season finale.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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