Survivor alum talks about playing on Squid Game: The Challenge

Figgy On Squid Game
Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa from Survivor got to wear No. 33 on Squid Game: The Challenge. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix recently debuted a new reality competition show called Squid Game: The Challenge. Streaming on the platform, it has people competing for a $4.56 million prize.

Survivor fans who streamed the first three episodes may have seen Survivor 33 alum Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa. She’s hard to miss, even though Figgy was sporting a different hair color on the new show.

The end of the article will reveal how Figgy did on Squid Game: The Challenge. Readers can continue enjoying this article without fear of anything being spoiled.

Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality competition show based on the hit Netflix drama from 2021. Many of the same challenges are used, with adults playing kid games to win the huge cash prize.

Much like on the original show, contestants die in the reality competition. But it is depicted by an exploding dye pack during the new incarnation.

At the writing of this article, the first nine episodes of The Challenge have dropped. Here is a breakdown of the show’s format and how it works. And here is information on when the season finale arrives.

Figgy talks about playing on her second reality competition show

Figgy Figueroa appeared on Survivor Season 33 (Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X). She was 23 years old and one of the younger castaways. Figgy was the sixth person voted out, coming up just short of making the jury.

Roughly seven years later, Figgy played on the first season of Squid Game: The Challenge. She also addressed why she returned to reality TV.

“I loved everything about [Squid Game]. I was really captivated by how well the series was produced, and once I heard that the show was going to be turned into the biggest game show ever, I was like, ‘This sounds like the ultimate game show,'” Figgy told EW.

She also spoke about being recognized, which may have worked against her in the game. But she doesn’t hold that against anyone.

“Overall I think it was a very positive reaction, because people knew that I was there to play the game and I was strategic so they wanted to have conversations with me,” Figgy elaborated.

Squid Game secrets from a Survivor alum

Figgy mentioned that there are comments made in the confessionals that don’t appear in episodes. Survivor fans are likely well aware of that, as producers have to film as much footage as possible and then slim it down for episodes.

During Red Light, Green Light (the first challenge), contestants had to wait nearly seven hours before beginning the game. Figgy also noted that there were breaks in the action for up to 15 minutes.

“It was very, very cold, but I signed up for that. I signed up for the challenge. So even though I wasn’t expecting it, I was like, ‘I’ve got to power through if I really want it,'” Figgy elaborated about the Red Light, Green Light set. 

Is it harder to play Survivor or Squid Game: The Challenge?

Having played Surivor and Squid Game: The Challenge, Figgy has some insight into the difficulty of each show.

“I found myself sometimes saying Squid Game is so much harder but I could make a fight for either one,” Figgy stated.

As for those Squid Game spoilers about how Figgy did… she was eliminated during warships. Figgy regrets letting herself be placed in the big boat, but she enjoyed her time on the show.

More Survivor news

The Survivor 45 season finale has been scheduled for CBS. It’s coming up quickly.

Details about Survivor 46 were also recently revealed by CBS.

Survivor 45 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS, and Squid Game: The Challenge streams on Netflix.

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