When is the Survivor 45 season finale?

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The countdown to the Survivor 45 season finale has begun. And several contenders might take home that $1 million prize.

The final seven castaways on Survivor 45 are very competitive. Predicting who the jury might side with becomes difficult, especially with so many challenges left.

Austin Li Coon seems destined to make the final four with two Immunity Idols in his pocket. But winning the last Immunity Challenge and escaping the Fire Challenge is a big step to making the final three.

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Voting out Bruce Perrault may have been a mistake for any non-Reba Tribe member. Bruce provided a shield and a threat to win challenges, but Emily Flippen and Katurah Topps worked hard to get him out — and they succeeded.

The final seven castaways feature four members of the original Reba Tribe, giving them an advantage in the game. Can anyone else overcome that scenario?

Tune in for the final episodes of the season to find out what happens.

When is the Survivor 45 season finale?

The final episode for Survivor 2023 airs on Wednesday, December 20.

CBS has provided three hours for Survivor 45 to wrap up, including the familiar final hour in Fiji.

The new season of The Amazing Race airs its season finale the prior week, so the later timeslot is open on December 20.

For fans who have fallen behind on the current season, previous episodes are available through streaming on Paramount+.

And to relive the challenge that forced Katurah to tap out, the video is shared below.

Survivor - Immunity Challenge: Invertigo

More news and notes from Survivor

During the recent episode of Survivor 45, a segment featured the guys having a night to themselves at camp. Emily had won a Reward Challenge and invited the women to spend the night at Sanctuary.

Top Gun music was used during a fun montage, and host Jeff Probst spoke about the decision to go that direction. It was a fun juxtaposition to how the women spent their night. And the music was a perfect addition.

Kellie Nalbandian also talked about blacking out after that dramatic Tribal Council that sent her to the jury. She even spoke about lashing out at someone on the production staff.

CBS has revealed early Survivor 46 information, including a start date for the Spring 2024 season. It gives everyone an early look at what’s to come.

As a reminder, the Survivor 45 season finale airs on Wednesday, December 20 at 8/7c. It’s a three-hour event to wrap up the season in Fiji.

Survivor 45 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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