Jeff Probst talks about that fun Top Gun montage on Survivor

Jeff Probst Survivor 45
Jeff Probst serves as host of Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A fun Top Gun montage took place during the latest episode of Survivor. And due to its unexpected nature, the segment added much-needed humor to the night.

Emily Flippen won an intense Reward Challenge early in Survivor 45, Episode 10. The reward featured a night at The Sanctuary and a letter from home.

Emily chose three people to join her in the feast and overnight stay. She went with Katurah Topps, Julie Alley, and Dee Valladares. It became a night of bonding between the women but also created a situation back at camp.

Jake O’Kane, Drew Basile, Bruce Perreault, and Austin Li Coon had a night to themselves at Dakuwaqa Camp. The men let everything hang out, which included flatulence and other “guy things.”

As the guys were hanging out, the Survivor producers scored the scene with a Kenny Loggins classic. Playing with the Boys from the Top Gun soundtrack could be heard as the four guys hung out at the beach.

The segment was meant to mirror the shirtless volleyball scene from Top Gun. The movie scene has become infamous, as it features Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and several other stars from the film. As a result, using it on Survivor was even funnier.

Jeff Probst speaks about the Top Gun montage on the episode

“They saw an opportunity for a great compare and contrast,” Jeff said about the producers adding the Top Gun music.

“You have this really beautiful civilized girls’ night; they’re drinking sangria, and The Sanctuary is gorgeous. And then you’ve got boys night, where they literally are talking about farting,” Jeff elaborated during the new episode of his On Fire podcast.

However, the producers were reportedly unsure of which way to take that scene.

“They were debating heavy metal or cheesy 80s music. I think originally, they cut it to heavy metal. And they showed it to [executive producer] Matt Van Wagenen… and Matt said, ‘You know what? I think it’s a little more cheesy 80s,'” Jeff added.

And the rest is history.

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