Survivor alum Q Burdette is a father as his wife has baby

Q Survivor 46
Q Burdette finished in sixth place on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Quintavius Burdette is a dad!

The Survivor 46 alum shared some cute photos after his wife recently gave birth.

Q was an energetic member of the Survivor 46 cast, often coming up with extravagant plans on the show.

While Q was the perceived target heading into many Tribal Councils, he often served as a smokescreen as other people got blindsided.

That trend continued until Q found a Hidden Immunity Idol. Suddenly, he became a threat and was also blindsided.

Q finished the season in sixth place, and as a member of the Survivor 46 jury, he voted for Kenzie Petty to win.

Q’s wife gives birth to a beautiful baby

“Omg 7/7/24 3:23pm… BEST moment of my life!!” Q wrote on a recent Instagram post.

The child arrived on Sunday, July 7, as Q’s wife, Emily Burdette, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

“Ace you have already stolen mommy and daddy’s heart!! You are so precious, healthy, full of life and BIG!!! We couldn’t have asked for a better baby boy, 8lbs 5.6oz WOW! I promise to never stop working on being the best dad I can I be!” Q wrote to his baby son on Instagram. 

“@em_burdette4 you did amazing!!!!” Q wrote to his wife.

He attached a cute photo of their baby as he looked at the camera.

Another cute photo of Baby Burdette

Q has also shared a newer post featuring the baby, himself, and his wife. Several photos have the baby posing by himself, but there are also caps including Q and Emily.

“Welcome to the world, little one! Our hearts are forever changed. Our future star 🌟💙 #BabyJoy #NewArrival #PureLove,” Q captioned the new post.

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