Survivor 47 cast: A look at the new castaways

Survivor 44 Host Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst is back as the host for the Survivor 47. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 47 cast will debut in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

Their season was already filmed in Fiji, and now the producers are preparing it for the new television season.

Survivor 47 features 18 new castaways, giving the producers even more options for Survivor 50.

Host Jeff Probst recently revealed that Survivor 50 will feature returners, and many fans hope it is a battle between New Era players and Old School legends.

But a few seasons must debut before that monumental season arrives.

Among the people on the rumored cast list for Survivor 47 are an ESports host, an NFL reporter, a volleyball and life coach, and a flight instructor.

Who is on the Survivor 47 cast?

An updated list of players has been revealed. The cast list below was leaked by Inside Survivor – a site known for getting early information on future casts.

These names are still considered to be rumored since they haven’t been confirmed by CBS or Survivor producers, but Inside Survivor has been a very reliable source.

  • Andy Rueda: A 31-year-old teaching assistant from Boston, MA.
  • Anika Dhar: A 26-year-old finance and operations manager from Los Angeles, CA.
  • Aysha Welch: A 32-year-old workday senior consultant from Houston, TX.
  • Gabe Ortis: A 26-year-old radio host from Baltimore, MD.
  • Genevieve Mushaluk: A 29-year-old senior counsel from Winnipeg, MB.
  • Jerome Cooney: A 30-year-old ESports host from Phoenix, AZ.
  • Jon Lovett: A 41-year-old podcaster and comedian from Woodbury, NY.
  • Kishan Patel: A 27-year-old ER doctor from San Francisco, CA.
  • Kyle Ostwald: A 31-year-old from Cheboygan, MI.
  • Rachel LaMont: A 34-year-old visual designer from Bloomfield Hills, MI.
  • Sam Phalen: A 24-year-old NFL reporter from Nashville, TN.
  • Sierra Wright: A 26-year-old ICU nurse from Phoenixville, PA.
  • Solomon Yi: A 42-year-old brain therapy representative from Norwalk, CT.
  • Sue Smey: A 59-year-old flight instructor from Putnam Valley, NY.
  • Teeny Chirichillo: A 23-year-old associate solution architect from New Brunswick, NJ.
  • Terran “TK” Foster: A 31-year-old in athlete marketing from Washington, DC.
  • Tiyanna Hallums: A 27-year-old volleyball and life coach from Oahu, HI.

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