Survivor 46 called a ‘vicious’ season: What did Jeff Probst say about the gameplay?

Jeff Probst Survivor 45
Jeff Probst serves as host of Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 46 season has much hype to go along with it.

A new group of castaways filmed their season in Fiji, and CBS is rolling out extended episodes this winter and spring.

Host Jeff Probst is doing many interviews in the run-up to the season premiere, and in one of them, he spoke about the viciousness of the Survivor 46 cast.

That’s a shocking word to hear from Jeff, especially since the New Era of Survivor has been laid back.

Some Survivor fans feel that the laidback atmosphere has made it easier for some players to quit. But fans grew very tired of people quitting during Survivor 45.

The bar is high for the Spring 2024 season, and Jeff has prepared fans to experience some changes when comparing it to recently aired seasons.

Jeff Probst says players take control of Survivor 46

“I think this might be the first season of the new era where the players have started to take control,” Jeff told Parade.

“And they’re starting to realize there are other ways to handle Beware Advantages,” Jeff added.

The long-time Survivor host also teased that people could use the Shot in the Dark twist in a new way this spring. He then suggested Survivor fans will see “some really great gameplay” from these new castaways.

“From a philosophical point of view, they’re starting to be less afraid of the game, and starting to look at the game and figure out how to break it and use it to their advantage,” Jeff eluded.

Is the new Survivor cast as ‘vicious’ as Jeff Probst claims?

“You’re gonna see in Survivor 46 one of the most vicious seasons ever. I’m telling you. The gameplay is great. When 46 is over, you will feel that” Jeff also told Mike Bloom.

Jeff has done an excellent job teasing how Survivor 46 will be a shift from recent New Era seasons. That includes how he approaches the Tribal Council.

Jeff said he slings “a few arrows” during Survivor 46 and that he isn’t going to coddle people at the Tribal Council any longer.

He also had some bad news. Jeff revealed why the Survivor auction is gone again.

More Survivor 46 information

Here is the Survivor 46 episode schedule. It includes bonus coverage for fans to enjoy this winter and spring.

Several hot takes from Survivor 46 cast members have raised eyebrows. Will they be as bold in the game as during interviews?

Episodes of Survivor are always available for streaming on Paramount+.

As a reminder, the Survivor 46 season premiere is on February 28.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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