Survivor 46 cast hot takes: Return of Fire Tokens, elimination of Last Gasp, and a shocking ‘undderated winner’

Survivor 46 Ben
Ben Katzman is part of the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 46 cast members have given some hot takes ahead of their upcoming season.

CBS released the cast bios last week, letting fans see who is playing the game this spring.

These 18 new castaways filmed their season last summer, but now they will get their time in the spotlight.

The season premiere arrives on Wednesday, February 28, with a two-hour presentation.

CBS is also treating fans with a two-hour episode during the second week.

That’s a great way to introduce the new castaways and the new twists that host Jeff Probst has helped prepare.

Some hot takes from the Survivor 46 cast

Here are the Survivor 46 cast bios for fans who haven’t seen them yet.

The castaways have been giving pre-show interviews to help create buzz — and it’s working.

Dalton Ross from Entertainment Weekly conducted some of those interviews, where he got some noteworthy hot takes from the new players.

“My hot take is the Fire Tokens should make a comeback in the game,” Ben Katzman told EW.

Fire Tokens were a big part of Survivor: Winners at War. The producers brought back winners from the past to compete for $2 million and introduced Fire Tokens as a form of Survivor currency.

“But I think they need to be used more and you need to build up a higher currency. One or two tokens a game can’t really make a move, but if there’s a token bank, that would give a player some room to make some serious decisions,” Ben added.

Hate shown toward the Last Gasp Challenge

Two Survivor 46 cast members shaded the Last Gasp Challenge that has recently returned to the show. They made these comments before playing their season in Fiji, which is of note.

Last Gasp requires players to tread water underneath a steel grate. As the water rises, it becomes more difficult to stay in place. The last person in the challenge is named the winner.

Below is footage from a Last Gasp Challenge for reference. It is from Survivor 44.

“The Last Gasp challenge is, for me, a nightmare. I know that people went crazy when they brought it back, and I’m like, ‘Please God, don’t bring it back for my season. I’d be the first one out,'” Maria Shrime Gonzalez said to EW.

“Last Gasp? Not a good challenge,” Moriah Gaynor stated, holding nothing back.

“It doesn’t make for good TV. You can’t get in the mind of someone. And ‘I might want to go and try it.’ Not a good idea for the viewer. Not a good challenge. Does not prove anything about you,” Moriah elaborated.

Was Moriah speaking from a place of fear at the prospect of having to compete in Last Gasp? Her thoughts oppose what many Survivor fans have said about the challenge.

Ready for an underrated Survivor winner? Check out what Jess Chong said.

“I think Fabio is a super underrated winner. And I want to play like him,” Jess said about the Survivor: Nicaragua winner.

Tune in this spring to see Ben, Moriah, Jess, and Maria playing the game.

Another Survivor 46 player shared how a hanger became lodged in his eye. It was one of several problems he had with his eyes.

Survivor 46 debuts on February 28 on CBS.

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