Survivor host Jeff Probst will ‘sling a few arrows’ and not coddle quitters in Season 46

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Jeff Probst is back with an all-new season of Survivor. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Survivor host Jeff Probst is about to give fans what they want.

Castaways quitting the show in recent seasons have irked some viewers.

The sentiment is that someone who quits has taken away a spot from someone who might have been better at the game.

People quit for various reasons during the first 44 seasons, but Survivor 45 featured two people from the same tribe quitting in the first few episodes.

Hannah Rose quit at the very first Tribal Council of Survivor 45. It changed the game because someone else was about to get voted out.

Just six days after Hannah quit, Sean Edwards also quit Survivor 45. They each began on the same tribe (Lulu), continuing a negative trend for that tribe.

New Era of Survivor is about to see a new Jeff Probst

When Survivor 45 was airing, Jeff Probst noted several times in interviews that he was done with quitters.

A new Survivor policy is that people who quit won’t get their torch snuffed at Tribal Council. They will be shown the door (or the plane ride home) without the fanfare of a normal Survivor exit.

This is a good thing for Survivor fans who really, really don’t like it when a reality show contestant quits a game.

Unfortunately, many recent Jeff Probst interviews were given after Survivor 46 had been filmed. So we have to tune in to find out if he sticks to that policy or if it is something set in stone for Survivor 47.

“That part of me is starting to come back,” Jeff told EW when speaking about how he was ready to shift back to tougher Tribal Councils.

A softer Jeff Probst has been seen at Tribal Council in recent seasons. But he is ready to get serious again.

“I’m ready to saddle back up, get on the horse, and sling a few arrows. So I think over the next year you’ll start to see that coming back into play, and I hope the players will enjoy the banter and the back and forth,” Jeff added.

This is all good news, and Survivor fans should enjoy seeing more drama at Tribal Council that doesn’t revolve around people running around and whispering to each other.

Details for the new seasons of Survivor

Jeff Probst has a new co-host for the On Fire podcast this season. He has tapped a New Era winner to help break down Survivor 46 episodes.

A full Survivor 46 episode schedule has also been released – including bonus content for CBS viewers.

Here are the player bios for the Survivor 46 cast.

Previous seasons of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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