Jeff Probst gets a new co-host as a Survivor winner joins his podcast for new season

Jeff Probst on the red carpet
The Survivor podcast will include a new voice this spring. Pic credit: ©

On Fire with Jeff Probst is back for another season, but Jeff has a new co-host.

The Official Survivor Podcast has become very popular due to the intriguing discussion topics.

On Fire is a recent addition, with Jeff and others chatting about what takes place during the season.

Jeff does a great job chatting about new Survivor episodes and what is going on behind the scenes.

A new podcast episode arrives each Wednesday night after a new Survivor episode has aired. The discussion topics are then related to what fans have just seen.

Having someone new to provide perspective and analysis about Survivor 46 could be a treat, even though this particular Survivor winner has polarized the fans.

Jeff Probst announces a new co-host for On Fire

“A new season of #Survivor means a new season of ‘On Fire with Jeff Probst: The Official Survivor Podcast’ 🔥,” Jeff wrote in a new Instagram post.

“We’re welcoming a cohost from the new era, @roamwithdee [Dee Valladares]! Hear her perspective on the players, challenges, advantages, and more through the eyes of a former castaway and winner. Join me and Dee starting 2/28 as we explore what it takes to outwit, outplay, and outlast,” reads the rest of Jeff’s note.

The post also includes an audio clip as Jeff introduces a player from the new era who he says was “cutthroat in her moves and true to her heart.”

Dee Valladares won Survivor 45, and she speaks during the audio clip. Dee states that she will answer questions and share thoughts only she can provide.

This is a change, but Jeff and Dee are correct in that she can provide a unique perspective from the new era of Survivor. She played (and won) the new-look game and is fresh off filming her season in Fiji.

More news from Survivor 46

Here are the Survivor 46 cast bios, showcasing the jobs and hometowns of the new players.

Having more fresh faces playing the game is also a good thing.

Some Survivor 46 castaways provided hot takes on the show, including several who are not fans of the Last Gasp Challenge (the challenge where players are in the water under a grate trying not to drown).

Here is the Survivor 46 episode schedule, which includes bonus content for CBS viewers.

Jeff Probst also teased Survivor 47 and Survivor 48, providing early details about how the casts will look.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+. That includes Survivor 45, which featured Dee Valladares.

Survivor 46 debuts on February 28 on CBS.

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