Survivor 44: How much are Cameos from the cast members?

Matthew Survivor
Matthew Grinstead-Mayle played on Survivor Season 44. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 44 cast members are providing Cameo videos for interested fans.

Fresh off being featured this spring, the castaways have returned to the real world.

As a way to make a little money and stay in touch with the fans, the castaways are available for personal video messages.

For Survivor fans who are new to Cameo, it is a place where celebrities offer the chance for fans to order personalized videos.

These videos can be great to celebrate an occasion, with the purchaser telling the Survivor castaway what to say in the video.

Once the video is complete, the purchaser can send it to a friend or family member, where the Survivor personality has recorded a fun message.

How much does a Cameo cost from Survivor 44 cast members?

Below is a breakdown of the current prices for a video from one of the Survivor 44 cast members. The price for a video can fluctuate, so these were the costs when this article was published.

Lauren Harpe, Bruce Perreault, Matt Blankinship, and Sarah Wade are currently not doing Cameos.

And as of now, Carolyn Wiger has the most expensive Cameo, even though Carolyn’s price has decreased in recent days.

  • Carolyn Wiger: $99
  • Yam Yam Arocho: $50
  • Carson Garrett: $69
  • Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt: $30
  • Brandon Cottom: $44
  • Claire Rafson: $25
  • Jaime Lynn Ruiz: $44
  • Matthew Grinstead-Mayle: $20
  • Kane Fritzler: $30
  • Helen Li: $20
  • Frannie Marin: $35
  • Maddy Pomilla: $20
  • Josh Wilder: $30
  • Danny Massa: $44

More news from Survivor

Many Survivor 44 cast members have been busy on social media after their return from Fiji.

In a recent post, Carson Garrett shared great Pondersoa photos. Ponderosa is where people go after they have been voted off of a season of Survivor.

And the showmance between Frannie and Matt went public. The couple shared an update on their relationship with a series of photos.

While the exit interviews were taking place, Frannie and Matt were careful not to say too much about what they were up to. It led to a backlog of dating photos that they are now sharing.

Very soon, a new season of Survivor will be featured on CBS.

An early leak has revealed the Survivor 45 cast list and includes one person who has returned for a second chance.

For Survivor fans interested in watching Season 44 episodes again, everything is available for streaming on Paramount+. The streaming service is also a great place to watch past seasons.

Survivor 45 airs in the fall of 2023 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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