Survivor 44 showmance goes public with relationship recap

Frannie Survivor 44
Frannie Marin was a part of the Survivor 44 cast. Pic credit: CBS

A Survivor 44 showmance is still going strong, months after filming was completed.

During the spring season of Survivor, a relationship was featured between two castaways.

Frannie Marin and Matt Blankinship developed an immediate friendship within the Soka Tribe.

They enjoyed spending time together, and once filming ended, that grew into something more.

While CBS presented the season to television viewers, rumors floated that the duo was dating.

Frannie and Matt were careful about what they posted on social media, but many Survivor fans knew they had officially become a couple.

The Survivor 44 showmance goes public

Following Yam Yam Arocho winning Survivor 44, Frannie and Matt have become public about their relationship.

It is no longer a secret that everyone knows. Now they are sharing photos together on social media.

“We’ve cleaned up a little bit since Fiji,” the caption reads that Frannie wrote on a joint Instagram post.

The post includes images the couple has taken together since returning from Fiji.

Quite a few adventures are shared, giving a glimpse into the fun that Frannie and Matt have been having.

In addition to taking walks and going out on dates, it also looks like the couple has taken a few trips together.

Survivor alums celebrating the Frannie and Matt relationship

Many Survivor alums have already left comments of support on the post from Frannie and Matt.

“The two dorky dorca magnets,” wrote Carson Garrett from Survivor 44.

“CUTIES,” posted Evvie Jagoda from Survivor 41.

“This is so amazing,” wrote Tori Meehan Stanely from Survivor 42.

The couple even received a nice message from the Survivor 44 winner.

“Can I be the President of your fan club!? Please!!!!! Love you two sooo much!” Yam Yam stated.

Frannie And Matt Survivor Comments
Frannie and Matt from Survivor 44 have a lot of supporters. Pic credit: @HailTheVail/Instagram

Survivor 45 is on the way at CBS

A new season for the hit reality competition show will debut in the fall on CBS.

Though a start date hasn’t been revealed yet, the network announced that new episodes will be 90 minutes long.

In addition to that news, CBS aired a teaser trailer for Survivor 45, giving fans an early look at the new castaways in Fiji.

And a full Survivor 45 cast list was leaked, allowing fans to check out the bios of the new players.

They aren’t all new players, though. Someone from the Survivor 44 cast was invited back for a second chance at the game.

Survivor 45 debuts in the fall of 2023 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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