How much does Carolyn Wiger charge for a Cameo?

Carolyn Survivor 44 Cast
Carolyn Wiger finished in third place on Survivor 44. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 44 castaway Carolyn Wiger charges a lot for a Cameo.

Since her season began airing, Carolyn has become an extremely popular personality on reality television.

Many fans thought she was also on her way to winning that $1 million prize.

Carolyn ended up finishing in third place due to the jury votes.

And now fans can receive a personal video from her online.

Cameo is a site that allows a fan of a celebrity to pay a fee for that celebrity to leave them a message or extended video.

It can also be used as a gift that someone buys for a friend.

Carolyn talks about the price of her Cameo videos

“I had to because I couldn’t keep up,” Carolyn stated in a Twitter post.

Her video also mentioned that she would do her videos for just $30 over a short period.

That time has passed, and her Cameo prices are back to where they were before.

To book a personal video that lasts roughly two minutes and 30 seconds, the cost is $119.

Sample clips of her Cameos are also available, showing potential customers what she will do.

Below is the post that Carolyn recently put on social media about why her Cameos got so expensive.

More Survivor news

If the Survivor producers do another season where former castaways return, it seems safe to assume that Carolyn will get invited back.

While everyone waits for that day, news about a new season of the show has begun coming out.

Survivor 45 will air in the fall of 2023 on CBS and have 90-minute episodes. Airing on Wednesday nights, it will be followed by a new season of The Amazing Race.

Ahead of the new season, here is a breakdown of the Survivor 45 cast. The list of names includes bios for each player and which tribes everyone is on.

To go back and watch Carolyn Wiger playing Survivor, every episode from Season 44 is available for streaming on Paramount+.

The streaming service also has many great seasons from the past, including Winners At War (Season 40). That particular season features a group of players who had won the game before.

In more news from the Survivor 44 cast, the showmance between Frannie and Matt went public. They had a spark in Fiji, and that relationship blossomed into something better in the real world.

Survivor 45 airs in the fall of 2023 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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1 month ago

To really know her is to despise her. A total fake and fills her life with nothing but lies.