Survivor 42: Can someone else take Mike Turner’s Hidden Immunity Idol?

Daniel On Survivor 42
Daniel Strunk is looking to make moves on Survivor 42. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 42 had a humorous moment during Episode 2 after Mike Turner found a Hidden Immunity Idol and then forgot where he had stashed it.

There is a lot of drama building about that particular Immunity Idol, as it is a three-way advantage, and it still has to be activated by using a secret phrase.

As Mike tried to show tribemate Daniel Strunk where he had buried his Idol, it brought up some interesting questions about whether or not another cast member could steal that Idol from Mike.

And based on the conversations that Daniel was having with other tribemates after he was away from Mike, it seems like there is some heavy foreshadowing that something is going to happen very soon when it comes to Mike activating and/or playing that Idol.

Can another Survivor 42 castaway steal Mike Turner’s Idol?

The short answer when it comes to Survivor Immunity Idols is that as soon as someone finds it, it is theirs unless they decide to either not use it or to give it away. Snooping is allowed on the show, where castaways can try to figure out if someone has an Idol, but they are not allowed to steal it or hide it.

Even though former firefighter Mike Turner has seemed a bit lost when protecting his Immunity Idol, he doesn’t have to worry about someone stealing it. What he does need to worry about is that everyone is going to know about it since he didn’t even try to keep it a secret. Will that be his downfall? Will he end up misplacing it in the jungle again? We shall see.

Fifteen people left on Survivor 42 cast competing for $1 million

Counting the medical elimination of Jackson Fox this season, three people are out of the running for that $1 million prize. Zach Wurtenberger of the Ika Tribe was voted out at the first Tribal Council, and then Marya Sherron from the Taku Tribe was voted out at the second Tribal Council.

Without Jackson and Marya, the Taku Tribe is down to just four people, putting them in a challenging position moving forward. On the opposite end of that spectrum is the Vati Tribe, which has yet to lose a member. But since it’s so early in the season still, anything can happen as the episodes continue rolling out.

A new episode of Survivor 42 airs on Wednesday night (March 23), right before Episode 2 of Beyond the Edge on CBS.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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