Mike Turner on Survivor 42: Who is the new cast member and where can you find him on Instagram?

Mike Turner on Survivor 42
Mike Turner on Survivor 42. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 42 is coming back to CBS in March for its new season and the network released the new group of players competing on the reality series.

The official cast list arrived on February 9, one month before the actual release date of the season premiere. Since the release, more information has been revealed about the contestants for the new season.

One of the newcomers is a 58-year-old retired firefighter from Hoboken, New Jersey, named Mike Turner. Here is what you need to know about the latest Survivor 42 cast member.

Who is Mike Turner on Survivor 42?

Mike Turner is a 58-year-old retired firefighter from Hoboken, New Jersey. He said that throughout his life, he feels he has been “playing Survivor” since he was five.

Mike grew up in a poor family that didn’t have any money, so it was always a battle to survive and make it through life.

He also said that he sees the show as a lot more than just trying to win a million dollars.

Mike said that the true lure of the show is watching it start to peel back the layers on the people playing the game, showing who they really are deep inside.

“Out there, you’re not protected by anything other than who you are. And that, to me, was the most amazing thing about watching the show and learning from the show,” Mike said in an interview.

“Obviously, it intrigued me to be a part of the show. Because at the end of the day, we sit back on our couches, and we’re the best Survivor players of all time. But now I get a chance actually to put that to the test.”

How can you follow Mike Turner on Instagram?

Survivor fans can find Mike Turner on Instagram at @hobokenmiket.

Mike has only 815 followers, but he has 66 posts.

In his post about competing on Survivor 42, Mike wrote, “It humbles me to say that this project kid from Hoboken somehow landed himself on the most physical, emotional & mental game on television.”

Fans who follow him will mostly see photos of Mike with his friends and family.

What are Mike Turner’s skills for Survivor 42?

Mike said that growing up in a poor family made his life hard, but that made him stronger.

He said that the lessons he learned when he was young will help him out as he competes on Survivor 42.

“I was always using my social game to get ahead, knowing how to talk to people and when to talk to people,” Mike said.

“I say this to my kids all the time, ‘You need to know how to play the game. You need to know where you are and how to act in certain situations,’” he continued.

“When you’re with your friends, you can act a certain way. When you’re talking to your boss, you act a certain way. When talking to peers, you need to act a certain way.”

“I think your social game is your life, and you have to act a certain way through your life to get ahead. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s the way it is.”

Survivor 42 debuts March 9 at 8/7c on CBS.

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