Daniel Strunk on Survivor 42: Who is the new cast member and where can you find him on Instagram?

Daniel Strunk from Survivor 42
Daniel Strunk from Survivor 42. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 42 is coming to CBS in March, and it has a new list of players competing on the show.

The cast list arrived on February 9, one month before the show premieres its new season. Since that time, more has been revealed about each of the contestants.

One of the newcomers is a 30-year-old law clerk from Connecticut named Daniel Strunk. Here is what you need to know about the latest Survivor cast member.

Who is Daniel Strunk on Survivor 42?

Daniel Strunk is a 30-year-old law clerk from New Haven, Connecticut.

He also has hobbies that include watching movies, playing with LEGOS, and watching Survivor.

He is a lawyer because he passed the bar and can practice, but he instead works as a law clerk for a federal judge in Michigan.

He also has a huge backstory.

Daniel is a cancer survivor. He is a childhood leukemia survivor, and he said watching Survivor helped get him through the tough times. 

“I applied every time I could since I was 18. And I came this close on season 33. I was Adam Klein’s alternate,” Daniel said in an interview.

“I kept applying. Then I was this close last year on season 42. But then COVID[-19] happened. And I had to apply again for season 42. And luckily, I just like finally have made it I’m finally here. It’s finally happening.”

How can you follow Daniel Strunk on Instagram?

Survivor fans can follow Daniel Strunk on Instagram, but there are no posts on his account at this time. His Instagram is at @danielfstrunk, and he has only 132 followers.

In his bio, he wrote, “I like TV and political philosophy. I survived teenage cancer. Now I’m a plaintiff-side lawyer. Subscribe to my newsletter, and reach out!”

What are Daniel Strunk’s skills for Survivor 42?

Daniel Strunk said his goal is to win the game by playing goofy and not sneaky. He also plans to use his history as a Survivor fan to help him win.

“There’s some degree of learning the social ins and outs of an environment of that sort that I hope will translate into Survivor. Will it? Probably not,” Daniel said.

“Probably nothing in my life will translate over into the game of Survivor other than the suffering from chemotherapy. But I keep my fingers crossed there’s something in my past that will be of use to me out here.”

Survivor 42 debuts March 9 at 8/7c on CBS.

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