Survivor 41: Shan thanks her fans for their support this season

Shan Playing On Survivor
Shan finished in eighth place on Survivor 41. She got blindsided without playing her Idol. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Shantel Smith from Survivor 41 popped up in an Instagram Live session to thank her fans for all of their support over the past week.

It was during the latest episode of Survivor 41 that Shan got blindsided during an intense Tribal Council vote. She never saw it coming, leading to her leaving the game with an Individual Immunity Idol in her pocket.

A Ponderosa video for Shan was also released, showing her reactions to getting voted out and then meeting up with the other members of the Survivor 41 jury.

Then, Shan also took the time to address her fans in person on Instagram, where she spoke briefly about her time on the show and how much she appreciated the love that her followers were sending to her.

Shan speaks with Survivor fans on Instagram

When Shan started up her Instagram Live session, she stated that she wanted to pass on a “Big gigantic thank you to anyone who supported me.”

Shan On Instagram
Shan from Survivor was on social media to thank her fans. Pic credit: @shantelmsmith/Instagram

She went on to note that she really appreciated “all the love” she has been shown through e-mail and in her inbox. Shan also noted that the Ponderosa video, which she recently saw for the first time, made her sad because it reminded her of the emotions she felt upon getting eliminated from the game.

Shan went on to say that she has needed to provide herself with “self-care” after her elimination episode aired and that she was disappointed in the negativity that some Survivor viewers had shown toward her. Still, she kept her live session almost entirely positive, stating that simply being on Survivor 41 was an “absolute dream come true.”

A lot of Survivor fans were asking her questions during the session, but Shan stated that she still couldn’t speak much about other aspects of Survivor 41 since it is still airing on CBS.

Shan moves over to Survivor 41 jury for final episodes

We only get a few more episodes on the Survivor Season 41 schedule to find out how the final seven castaways finish up the game. It’s going to be an intense race to the season finale, and in the next Survivor episode promo, it looks like Liana is very upset with DeShawn and Danny with how things have gone.

For anyone who didn’t know yet, CBS recently revealed the Survivor 42 start date. The production team already finished filming that new season of Survivor in Fiji and we are just waiting for the episodes to debut during the Spring 2022 television season.

If any Survivor fans need to know who is playing the game on that season, here are the names of the Survivor 42 cast members. Everyone on the new season is also new to the game, so we will get a lot of fresh blood trying to survive in Fiji for the first time.

Below is a clip from the episode of Survivor 41 where Shan got eliminated in case anyone needs a reminder of what went down.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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