Super Sized Salon star Jamie Lopez has died

Jamie Lopez owned and operated Babydoll Beauty Couture which was featured on Super Sized Salon.
Jamie Lopez starred in Super Size Salon which focused on her size-inclusive beauty salon. Pic credit: @babydollbeautycouture/Instagram

Professional makeup artist and reality star, Jamie Lopez, has sadly passed away at 37 years old.

Jamie made her television debut earlier this year starring in the WEtv hit show, Super Sized Salon.

The show followed Jamie and her team of stylists as they ran a size-inclusive beauty salon in Las Vegas.

The show focused on Jamie’s attempts to provide a safe and comfortable space for plus-size clients to get spa treatments and a full glam makeover. Their message centered on body positivity, self-love, and acceptance.

On the show, Jamie was transparent about her struggles with weight, her rocky relationship with her boyfriend, and even her troublesome childhood. Her honesty captivated viewers and helped increase her popularity online.

The announcement of her passing was made on Instagram under the official account for her salon, Babydoll Beauty Couture.

Super Sized Salon focused on body positivity

Super Sized Salon hoped to stand out in the crowd of reality TV with their unique salon idea. Babydoll Beauty Couture was opened to cater to the plus-size community. They offer pampering services like manicures, pedicures, facials, and hairstyling. Guests can also get their makeup done and be fitted for a new outfit.

Jamie shared that she started her business because she faced discrimination when she visited traditional salons. As a plus-size woman herself, she felt the industry did not think about bigger customers. So, she created a space she felt anyone of any size could visit and feel comfortable in.

Super Sized Salon features a cast of all plus-size women who celebrate themselves and each other as they strive to achieve their professional and personal goals. Jamie hoped that viewers would be encouraged to build their self-confidence by watching the cast enjoy life without letting their size stop them.

Jamie shared her story of once weighing over 840 pounds and being completely bedridden due to her size. From her bed, she created the design for her salon, executed the building plans, and recruited her team. She believed that by sharing her journey, others would be empowered to go after their dreams as well.

Jamie Lopez was on a weight loss journey

Although Jamie felt confident in who she was, her health had taken multiple blows and she felt it was time to change things. She adjusted her diet and lost over 400 pounds, which helped her regain her mobility and no longer be bedridden.

Even after her weight loss, she was still considered obese and continued her diet, which she mentioned multiple times on the show. Jamie hoped to continue losing enough weight so she could better manage her salon and eventually open additional locations.

In addition to focusing on her health and business, Jamie was working to grow her music career. She released her first EP this year titled Queendom and hoped to release more albums in the future.

Super Sized Salon is currently on hiatus.

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