Exclusive: Here’s how Super Sized Salon is changing the face of reality TV

Super Sized Salon star Jamie Lopez hopes her new show will be an inspiration to others.
Jamie Lopez hopes to inspire others with her show. Pic credit: WEtv

Super Sized Salon is the latest reality show coming to WEtv. The groundbreaking series hopes to give reality TV a facelift with its fresh approach to beauty and fashion.

The series focuses on a team of fashionistas who have created a salon to make people of all shapes and sizes feel welcomed and included.

Babydoll Beauty Couture is located in Las Vegas and was started by professional makeup artist Jamie Lopez. The idea came about after she felt discriminated against when visiting a salon due to her size.

Jamie felt there was a need for a safe space where plus-sized individuals could visit, get pampered, and feel beautiful. She wanted to ensure no one feared being judged but instead felt comfortable and encouraged.

To bring her goal to life, she recruited her friends and fellow professionals to create a team who all supported her vision. Astra serves as the salon’s receptionist, while A-Love specializes in hair. Taj and BB handle the glam with makeup and skincare, as 007 ensures guests are dressed in the most stylish outfits.

Just ahead of the series premiere, Monsters and Critics spoke with the ladies of Babydoll Beauty Couture. They shared how the salon was started and gave insight into what viewers can expect from the show.

Jamie Lopez shares how Babydoll Beauty Couture started

The idea for Babydoll Beauty Couture came when Jamie became frustrated with the treatment she received in salons. Also, working as a professional makeup artist, Jamie says her size made being in the industry difficult because of her ongoing discrimination. Fed up with being treated differently, she decided to create a space where people of all sizes would feel safe and welcomed while getting pampered.

Jamie says she knew she wasn’t the only person experiencing these struggles and wanted to do something about it. Creating the salon and turning her vision into reality became what Jamie called her “passion project,” and something she knew she just had to bring to life. To ensure the salon was a success, she brought in people she knew could deliver quality results and would support her vision.

Astra, A-Love, Taj, BB, and 007 round out the staff at the salon. Together, they help their customers feel beautiful, empowered, and confident. The ladies revealed they are like family. Although they may disagree and fight, there is still so much love between them. They shared that viewers will see what it’s like to work closely with friends and the ups and downs that it brings.

Super Sized Salon hopes to spread a message of love

For the cast of Super Sized Salon, love and acceptance is their main message. They hope everyone can learn to spread love to one another and accept each other’s differences. That includes differences in appearances and style. Additionally, the ladies want to encourage everyone to love themselves and not be afraid to live unapologetically.

BB shared her thoughts on the topic that the others immediately resonated with. She said often we are “waiting for permission to live,” when the truth is we don’t have to be granted that. She hopes that viewers will feel empowered to live the life they desire and to do so fearlessly.

The women also agreed that their wish for viewers is that they will find their passions and strive to achieve them. They hope the show will motivate watchers to use everything they have to accomplish their goals without fear of what others may think.

What can viewers expect from Super Sized Salon?

In the premiere episode, Jamie discusses battling her weight and how she went from being bed-ridden to opening her salon. She shared that at her highest, she weighed just over 840 pounds. Her size landed her in the hospital and significantly impacted her mobility. She decided she wanted to make a change and embarked on a weight loss journey. Jamie believes the change was necessary so that her business could prosper.

Jamie said about the current state of her health, “I’m thriving with my health journey. I’m really determined to get to a point where it’s not a vanity thing at all. I want to be comfortable enough to run my business and take it to the next level and not have to depend so much on other people. It’s a journey and a process and something I’ve been working on daily.”

Although Jamie’s struggle focused on her weight, she and all the ladies agree that everyone is dealing with something and needs the motivation to fight their battles. They hope to be the inspiration people need.

As the owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture, Jamie hopes to expand her salon in the coming years. She says her goal is to have a location in every state and eventually be a global franchise. And while their salon strives to make plus-size individuals feel comfortable, the cast made it clear that the show is not just meant for one group of people. They said viewers of any shape or size are welcomed to watch as their message can resonate with anyone.

Super Sized Salon premieres Friday, July 29, at 10:30/9:30c on WEtv.

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