Super Sized Salon exclusive: Jamie Lopez is ready to confront her cheating boyfriend

Super Sized Salon's Jamie Lopez is ready to confront her boyfriend for cheating again.
Jamie Lopez is ready to address her boyfriend’s cheating. Pic credit: WEtv

Jamie Lopez is working hard to keep her personal life from interfering with her professional life. Her salon, Babydoll Beauty Couture, is getting noticed in Las Vegas and she’s hoping her first celebrity client, Mama June Shannon, will help attract new clients.

Amid her growing business, Jamie is struggling to keep her romantic life in order.

She’s been with her boyfriend, Demarco for seven years but may be ready to call it quits. Jamie forgave him once for cheating on her, but now that he’s back to his old ways, she’s not so quick to let things slide.

In this Monsters and Critics exclusive clip, viewers will see how Jamie plans to confront Demarco’s cheating the second time around. Instead of simply talking through it like they did in the past, Jamie wants to get the women he’s cheating with involved.

Although Jamie’s staff think her plan is a bad idea, she’s convinced creating a scene before ending her relationship is the way to go.

Be sure to tune in to find out if Jamie goes through with her plan and see how Demarco reacts to being busted for his cheating ways.

Super Sized Salon airs Friday nights at 10:30/9:30c on WEtv.

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