Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis poses with kids for Easter share

Kathryn Dennis at a Southern Charm reunion.
Kathryn Dennis spent time with her kids. Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm OG Kathryn Dennis spent some time with her children to celebrate Easter.

The fiery redhead shared a sweet snap alongside her daughter Kensie and her son Saint.

It’s been a rocky road for her with her kids, especially after her on-again-off-again relationship with their dad, Thomas Ravenel, ended.

Kathryn spoke about her custody situation, but details weren’t given. She did reveal that she had them for supervised visits only, and sleepovers weren’t allowed.

She has been quiet on social media, with her last actual post in March. Kathryn didn’t share any context with the share of herself and the kids.

With everyone dressed in pastel and light colors, along with the baskets the kids were holding, it was clear this was from an Easter celebration Kathryn had with her son and daughter.

Kathryn Dennis and her children.
Kathryn Dennis spent time with her kids. Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Will Kathryn Dennis return to Southern Charm?

Even though Kathryn Dennis has been a part of Southern Charm since its inception, she is no longer a main cast member.

Rumors have circulated that she was fired after last season, but she wasn’t super present during filming then.

The new season has already wrapped, and it’s said to focus on Taylor Ann Green and her life beyond Shep Rose, including a fling with Austen Kroll thrown in there.

As for whether Kathryn will pop up throughout filming, it is possible.

Southern Charm chronicled a decade of Kathryn’s life, including welcoming both of her children and the ups and downs with their father. Thomas Ravenel was fired from the show seasons ago, but she remained filming. He did restrict how much they could be shown, and her loss of custody again in January 2022 made filming difficult because she had to prioritize the time she had with her kids instead of filming.

What’s next for Kathryn Dennis?

Kathryn Dennis has held her cards close as she continues with the next chapter in her life. She has stepped back from social media, and her last post was from early March, throwing shade at Vanderpump Rules’ “Scandoval.”

Rumors of financial issues have also plagued the Southern Charm star. She has changed living quarters several times while on the show, and it seems the latest one she rented was too much for her to handle.

Despite all of her issues, Kathryn was able to enjoy time with her children.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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