Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown says Christine Brown was ‘bluffing’ about leaving him, moving to Utah

Sister Wives stars Christine and Kody Brown
Kody Brown accused Christine Brown of “bluffing” about wanting to leave and move back to Utah. Pic credit: TLC

It turns out Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s inclinations were wrong about his third wife Christine Brown leaving him and moving back to Utah.

In a sneak peek for this Sunday’s season premiere of Sister Wives, Kody Brown talks to his second wife, Janelle Brown, about Christine’s intentions. (You can watch the clip below.)

Kody opens the clip with a bang, telling the camera during his solo confessional, “I’ve had three of these four women threaten to leave me for a significant part of the marriages.”

Kody Brown says Christine Brown was ‘bluffing’ about threatening to leave him in season premiere of Sister Wives

In the next scene, Kody is seen sitting on a ladder in the backyard with Janelle where he tells her, “She’s bluffing completely, but it’s not a new thing to be threatened to be left.”

Next, Kody mentions that he’s going to check with everybody (seemingly about Christine’s push to move to Utah) and brought up voting to Janelle, which doesn’t sit right with her.

“I hope it’s not a vote,” Janelle tells Kody sternly. “I hope we’re staying here.”

Kody responded, “Listen, we got Christine literally melting down because she doesn’t want to live here. She wants to live in Utah.”

Back on the couch for her solo confessional, Janelle thinks that Kody is trying to make a case for the family to move back to Utah.

Janelle felt as though Kody wasn’t going to revisit the idea of voting on a move to Utah – based on how that went during last season’s finale episode – and thought he was just “taking everyone’s temperature” to see if anyone else agreed with Christine’s idea.

Kody explained that he has to “consider the whole picture” and tells Janelle, “We moved here for my sake, because I wanted you guys to get… I wanted to get the family out of Las Vegas.”

“And we all bought off on it,” Janelle confided during her confessional. “Even Christine, like, we all bought off on it.”

Kody reinforced that Christine meant business, telling Janelle, “She’s not kidding around. She’s not going back and forth,” and added that Utah is home to her.

“No, there’s nothing for me there,” Janelle tells Kody.

Kody tells Janelle that he understands her position, but he added “I’m just trying to get us all to essentially just say, ‘Here is the baseline,’ and ‘here’ or ‘this’ doesn’t work. I just want to know.”

“Because I feel like I just blew her out of the water,” Kody adds. “I was just like, this is… are you kidding me?”

Kody Brown wants to live in Utah, doesn’t want to move the family

Interestingly, Kody reveals that he actually still has a desire to live in Utah as well.

“And plus, I want to move there,” Kody tells Janelle. “I mean, I’ve never… I’ve never lost that sort of desire. But I’m not moving the family because of where I want to live.”

Ironically, that’s exactly what he did when they left Las Vegas, and he literally admitted to it just minutes earlier in the clip.

“But right now, so far, it’s just Christine and Janelle and me, more or less going, ‘I would love living in Utah but I don’t want to move.’ So it’s kind of an either-or for me.”

“Ultimately what’s happening in my life now as this unfolds is two princesses giving ultimatums,” Kody says to end the clip.

Apparently, Kody thought Christine was acting like the boy who cried wolf, threatening to leave him many times, but not going through with it – and boy, was he wrong.

Christine and Kody announced their split just minutes apart on Instagram on Nov. 2. Christine has made her dream a reality and is living in Utah, current-day.

Obviously, the show is filmed ahead of time, so Christine and Kody’s split in real-time won’t be reflected on Sister Wives just yet.

Sister Wives viewers will certainly be tuning in to watch Christine and Kody’s marriage unravel this season, while the rest of the Browns’ large, polygamous family continue to grow apart.

Sister Wives returns for Season 16 this Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

I am so proud of Christine for leaving the narcissistic man! I really hope that she sold her share of the land in Arizona back to Kody – who by the way is an IDIOT for moving an established family to build in an empty plot of land. Especially after the fiasco that was the Las Vegas move! I have a feeling after catching up on all the seasons I’d missed that it was Robin that wanted to move to Arizona because she couldn’t cut the apron strings on her oldest child, who is going off to college. And since Robin is the favorite and always gets what she wants, Kody talked all these women into it. They didn’t have the financial means to uproot their family like this but they did it anyway. I feel the most sorry for the children in this train wreck! I was raised mainstream Mormon and the horror stories that you’d hear about plural marriage was everywhere. Kody thinks that he is a prophet if not a god and wants to build is own compound where all the kids can come home and he can have that much more control. I think he’s most upset, not at the loss of Christine (who is awesome!) but at the loss of control. I hope the other wives leave because they deserve so much better!