Sister Wives: Robyn Brown claimed she was ‘surprised and shocked’ that Christine proposed moving to Utah

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Robyn claimed she was “surprised and shocked” at Christine’s suggestion of moving back to Utah. Pic credit: TLC

During the season finale of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown joined Meri and Janelle as they live-tweeted during the episode. Robyn revealed that she was “pretty surprised and shocked” that Christine proposed the family move back to Utah.

In the scene, Christine proposed her idea to her sister wives after already having the discussion with Kody beforehand. Christine was under the impression that Kody was supportive of her idea and would back her up during their family meeting.

But things didn’t go as Christine planned and Kody ended up letting Christine take the heat for her idea. Kody even admitted during his solo interview that he’d like to see her be “crucified” instead of himself, for a change.

Robyn wasn’t critical of Christine’s idea, but didn’t agree with it, either

Robyn was mostly quiet during Christine’s pitch to the other spouses and voiced that she wouldn’t feel comfortable moving her youngest kids, Ari and Sol, back to Utah.

She feared that the laws may change again in Utah, which formerly labeled polygamy a felony, and said that she understood Christine’s reason for wanting to move, however.

During the live-tweet on Sunday night, Robyn told her 154.7k followers, “I was pretty surprised and shocked that Christine proposed that we move to Utah. I feel so bad that she was so upset about everyone not agreeing to move.”

She continued, “My heart goes out to her completely. I really understand the desire.”

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Robyn claimed she was “pretty surprised and shocked” about Christine’s proposal to move. Pic credit: @LuvgvsUwngs/Twitter

Robyn also shared that she has strong ties to Utah, and it’s tempting to move back, but it wouldn’t be fair to their kids

In a related tweet, Robyn claimed that it wasn’t fair to their kids. She posted, “I have several family members that live in Utah. My Dad and Mom live there and I would LOVE to be able see them more and be able to be around them during this time in their life.”

“Moving to Utah is such a temptation! I just don’t think it is fair to do that to our kids.”

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Robyn is tempted to move to Utah, but doesn’t feel it’s fair to their kids. Pic credit: @LuvgvsUwngs/Twitter

Robyn lived in Utah for a good portion of her life

Robyn, whose kids Ari and Sol “struggle” when they don’t see Kody, is originally from Utah, where she was raised in a polygamous family herself and was previously married to a man who was well regarded within her community. She and her ex-husband share her three eldest children, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna.

When Robyn entered the Brown family, they lived in Lehi, Utah, under the same roof. Soon after, the family fled to Las Vegas amid an investigation into their plural lifestyle, which was a felony at the time.

Despite her strong familial ties to the state, Robyn claims that she wouldn’t subject her children to living there. She has said that it was unfriendly in Utah, despite the laws changing, due to the stigma attached to polygamy.

Fans still have many unanswered questions, especially whether Robyn and Kody will expand their family with more children, but they’ll have to wait for another season of Sister Wives and follow the family on social media in the meantime for updates.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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