Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown-Padron moves back to Lehi, Utah

Mykelti Brown-Padron of Sister Wives
Mykelti Brown-Padron announced that she and husband Tony and their daughter Avalon have moved back to Lehi, Utah. Pic credit: TLC

Mykelti Brown-Padron, daughter of Kody and Christine Brown of Sister Wives, has announced that she, husband Tony, and daughter Avalon have moved back to Lehi, Utah.

The 25-year-old new mom had previously been living in St. George, Utah, a nearly four-hour-long drive from her new (and former) hometown of Lehi.

The majority of Mykelti’s family is still in Flagstaff, Arizona, where they moved in 2018. Mykelti’s new city of Lehi is nearly 500 miles away and an eight-hour car ride from the rest of the family in Flagstaff.

Mykelti shared a sweet pic with Tony and Avalon announcing their move

Mykelti shared a sweet pic of herself with her husband, Tony, and their newborn daughter, Avalon, from inside a diner. Mykelti, who recently cut off 20 inches of hair and debuted a darker shade of red, sported a white dress with black polka dots.

Tony held baby Avalon, whom the couple welcomed in April of this year, as they sat in a booth, looking adorable in a pink onesie, pink tights and baby Vans.

Mykelti told her followers, “Tony and I recently made the move back to Lehi, UT. One of the many towns I grew up in. It’s grown so much and there are so many new things to do and try. We’re way excited to continue this adventure as a family[.]”

Mykelti’s move had fans wondering about the Browns’ house in Lehi

Several of Mykelti’s followers asked if she was living in her family’s old home in Lehi. When viewers first met the Browns, the large polygamous family was living under one roof in their now-famous home in Lehi, Utah.

One of Mykelti’s followers asked her, “Wow in [your] old house?” to which Mykelti replied, “No, we moved into a new place.”

Mykelti Brown-Padron of Sister Wives on Instagram
Mykelti clarified that she did not move into her family’s former home in Lehi, Utah. Pic credit: @mykeltip/Instagram

Their home in Lehi became popular on the show, and for its unique setup. A polygamist designed and built the house, which had three separate apartments inside to accommodate multiple wives and their children.

Mykelti grew up in Lehi before Kody uprooted the family to Las Vegas

Kody Brown, his four wives, and 18 kids picked up and moved from Lehi, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada after the family came under investigation for their then-illegal plural lifestyle.

Sister Wives home in Lehi, Utah on TLC
The Browns’ former home in Lehi, Utah, where the family lived under one roof, in Season One of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Although it seemed that the Browns found the perfect living situation in Las Vegas, with four individual homes sharing a cul-de-sac, Kody got the itch to move yet again.

In 2018, the family uprooted once again and planted new seeds in Flagstaff, Arizona, where they currently reside.

Mykelti’s mom, Christine Brown, has made it crystal clear that she wants to move back to Utah. She has plenty of ties to the state, including her and Kody’s eldest child, Aspyn, who also lives in Utah and recently celebrated her third wedding anniversary.

And now that Christine’s first grandchild is over two hundred miles further away from her, fans are wondering if she will finally take the plunge and move back to Utah.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus at TLC.

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