Sister Wives: Meri Brown shoots down rumors Kody Brown has a new wife, defends Robyn Brown

Kody and Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Sister Wives fans were convinced Kody Brown got another wife but Meri Brown shot down the rumors. Pic credit: TLC

When Sister Wives viewers accused Kody Brown of having another new wife, his first wife Meri Brown came to his defense amid the rumors.

Since Christine Brown split from the family earlier this month, Sister Wives fans have wondered about the future of Kody Brown’s other polygamous marriages.

Some Sister Wives viewers, as well as a source close to the Brown family, have speculated that Kody will be on the prowl to replace his former third wife, Christine Brown.

However, Kody’s first wife, Meri Brown, cleared the air when some of her fans insisted that her husband will be taking another wife if he hasn’t already.

Meri Brown interacts with Sister Wives fans during Season 16 premiere

Meri took to her Facebook page on Sunday night before the new episode of Sister Wives aired and asked her fans to join her in watching.

Of course, the comments piled up quickly with many of Meri’s followers commenting on how excited they were to watch the new season of Sister Wives.

Many Sister Wives fans expressed their views on the state of the Brown family amid Meri and Kody’s fractured marriage and Meri replied to a few.

When some of her fans asked about Kody having another wife, Meri set the record straight.

Meri Brown shoots down rumors Kody Brown has a new wife

“So excited to watch this,” commented one of Meri’s followers on her Facebook post. “Was there really a possible new wife after [Robyn?] You think it will be included? Love you Meri.”

Meri simply answered the fan,” nope, no other wives lol!”

meri brown told a fan kody doesn't have anymore wives
Pic credit: @LuLaRoeMeriBrownShop/Facebook

When another one of Meri’s followers questioned Kody’s motives when it comes to replacing Christine as a wife, she shot down the rumors once again.

“Who wants to bet Kody has another wife lined up,” commented another one of Meri’s followers.

Meri told them, “lol you’d lose!”

meri brown shot down rumors of kody having a new wife on facebook
Pic credit: @LuLaRoeMeriBrownShop/Facebook

Meri also answered a Sister Wives fan who brought up Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Robyn has earned herself the title Sobbin’ Robyn by Sister Wives viewers who feel she gets overly emotional and makes everything about herself.

Many Sister Wives fans believe that Robyn joined the family to push the other three wives out so she could become Kody’s only wife.

Meri Brown defends sister wife Robyn Brown

“Can I just say I love sister wives but as soon as [Robyn] came it.. it when down [hill].. I personally don’t like [Robyn].. meri [you’re] just [too] sweet,” another fan wrote on Meri’s post.

Meri clapped back and called the viewer out for blaming Robyn for the demise of their family. As Meri stated, Sister Wives fans wouldn’t know the state of the Browns’ marriages before Robyn joined the family because it wasn’t filmed for the show.

meri brown called out a sister wives fan about robyn on facebook
Pic credit: @LuLaRoeMeriBrownShop/Facebook

“Bethany Lampley you do know that there has never been an episode without Robyn, right?” Meri asked the fan. “So I’m not sure how you know what was before lol!”

Meri recently interacted with Sister Wives fans when she had to remind them not to “bash” her family before threatening not to interact with them anymore.

Meri loves to interact with her fans, but she’s learning — the hard way — what comes with the price of fame on social media.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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