Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown has returned to Instagram after drama over plastic water bottles

Janelle Brown from this season of Sister Wives
Janelle Brown from this season of Sister Wives. Pic Credit: TLC

Recent episodes of Sister Wives centered around the family’s move to Flagstaff, Arizona and the debate they had between building four homes or one big home.

Kody is pushing hard for the single-home idea, but three of his four wives — Robyn, Christine, and Meri — aren’t too keen on the idea.

Janelle, the second wife to join the family, is the only one who seems fine with Kody’s plan.

It’s a bit of a trend with Janelle to be unbothered by events that seem to irk the other wives — and that trait is coming up again on Instagram.

Christine’s water bottle drama

All four of the wives have a presence on social media, but Christine was the one most recently in hot water.

When she took to Instagram a few weeks ago to complain about her disorganized mudroom, fans were quick to spot an issue. Much of Christine’s clutter came from plastic water bottles, which upset some fans.

The fans pointed out that plastic water bottles have a terrible impact on the environment and are particularly wasteful. They encouraged Christine to use more eco-friendly reusable bottles.

Janelle doesn’t seem to mind

Janelle doesn’t seem too upset by the criticism Christine got for her recent post. Just this week, Janelle’s posted about some of her favorite things — her two dogs, her daughter Savanah, and her adventures in grandparenting.

The first post came last Thursday when Janelle shared a picture of daughter Savanah at a campfire.

“We had spring weather for a couple of weeks,” Janelle captioned the photo, “I am so restless! However we are back to snow and rain today. Savanah and I cooked hotdogs and s’mores at Christines house last night and tried to stay outside as long as possible. Come on spring! We can hardly wait for you.”

Just two days ago, Janelle shared a photo describing her new favorite activity — being a grandma to Axel, 2, and Evangalynn, 6 months.

Janelle’s daughter Maddie welcomed Axel, the first grandchild in the Brown family, in 2017. Janelle relished her role as a grandma and was thrilled when Maddie announced last year that she was expecting again.

Janelle’s recent post shows a handbag with a rogue pacifier.

“When my kids were little I it seemed I had a never ending supply of legos in my purse,” she wrote, “Now as a grandma I find random pacifiers in my purse, coat pocket and even makeup bag. They are fun remnants of the last visit and always make me smile. So, as funny as it may seem, I keep those pacifiers right where they are to give me a random smile “

It’s been hard for Janelle since Maddie and her husband moved to North Carolina, but she seems to be making the best of it.

We’re sure to see many more grandparenting moments from Janelle in the coming months.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC. 

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