Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown used a pic with Kody and Robyn’s son Solomon as a form of ‘validation’

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri Brown says she shares a “special bond” with Kody and Robyn’s son, Solomon, and Sister Wives fans think there was more to her post. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown shared that she has a “special bond” with Kody and Robyn Brown’s son, Solomon, but Sister Wives fans think there may have been more to the story.

Meri has often stated that spending time with the kids in the family is one of her favorite pastimes. With 18 kids in the family, there’s never a shortage of younger companions for Meri, who lives alone in Flagstaff.

Solomon is Kody and Robyn’s first biological child together, and they also share a biological daughter, Ariella. Kody legally adopted Robyn’s three kids from a previous marriage — Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna — in June 2015.

In order to legally adopt Robyn’s kids, Kody legally divorced Meri in 2014, who was his only legal wife at the time. Kody then legally wed Robyn, who is now his only legal wife. Along with Meri, Kody shares spiritual marriages with Janelle and Christine Brown.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives boasted about her ‘special bond’ with Solomon

Meri shared a selfie on Instagram of herself and Solomon, the nine-year-old son of Meri’s husband, Kody Brown, and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown.

Meri told her followers of her relationship with Solomon, “This little dude right here is literally one of my favorite people ever! He and I have had this special kind of bond since day 1. He’s kind and thoughtful, he’s happy when I come around, he likes hanging out with me and always runs up to give me a hug.”

Meri gets time and attention from Solomon

“He wants my attention and I love giving it to him. He likes to show me his newest favorite video on YouTube, wants me to play his favorite game with him, and let’s me hug and hold him when he’s sad.”

“He always makes me feel loved and wanted. This kid, this special boy, my buddy, he’s my reason. It just can’t get much better than this.
???,” Meri concluded in her caption.

Did Meri share her post about Solomon to convey an underlying message?

After her post, Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to discuss Meri’s possible ulterior motives for boasting about her relationship with Solomon.

A Reddit user created a thread discussing the topic and told other Sister Wives fans, “Meri feels a special connection to Solomon because he’s the only family member that makes her feel wanted. Sad.”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown used a post about Solomon to convey an underlying message. Pic credit: u/passthechips24/Reddit

Other fans of the show chimed in about Meri’s post about Solomon and why they think she may have shared it as a pretext.

One Reddit user commented on the post, “He‘s happy when I come around.“ If that is so special to you that you point it out, imagine how hostile the atmosphere is in this family.”

Sister Wives fans think Meri might have been trying to subtly say the rest of her family ‘sucks’

Another Sister Wives fan agreed and commented, “Yeah everything in this post points to an awful relationship with the rest of the fam[.]”

“Exactly my point! Thank you! There’s some underlining digs in the caption! The way she words it is very telling,” wrote another Reddit user who felt that Meri was using her post as a way to convey a different, underlying message about her relationship with the rest of the family.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Reddit
Reddit users and Sister Wives fans think Meri used her latest post as a way to say her “family sucks.” Pic credit: u/passthechips24/Reddit

One Sister Wives fan commented on the thread and felt as though Meri was using her post as a way to tell her followers that her “family sucks.”

The user posted, “Honestly it felt a little bit manipulative and passive-aggressive to me frankly. Like she makes it a little too obvious that she’s clearly saying her family sucks.”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Reddit
Reddit users felt that Meri was looking for “validation” with her post. Pic credit: u/passthechips24/Reddit

Sister Wives fans have often thrown shade at Meri for seeking ‘validation’

“This is typical of Meri. Her relationships are all about her. It’s about what Solomon- a little boy – does for her. It says a lot about her mindset and why she has so many issues with her family. It’s also unhealthy to put this stock on a relationship with any child – even if it’s your own,” commented another fan of Sister Wives.

They continued, “[I’m] not saying she’s the only one doing anything wrong in the family – but her constant need for validation must be exhausting.”

This isn’t the first time Sister Wives fans have thrown shade at Meri for looking for attention and validation. Fans accused Meri of “stirring up drama” with her often cryptic posts about vague, serious issues.

Meri shared a post last week, standing in her “power stance” and telling her followers that she was ready to “fight” against being “fully manipulated.” Ironically, Sister Wives fans called Meri “very manipulative” for crying so much.

Perhaps Meri is just lonely

With Meri and Kody’s relationship being estranged, her only daughter living in Utah while she’s in Arizona, and the recent passing of her mother, it stands to reason that Meri would be seeking companionship in some form.

Meri also shares a special bond with Kody and Robyn’s youngest child and Solomon’s little sister, Ariella, as evidenced by a post she shared in the spring.

If things are really as bad between Meri, Kody, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, as they appear, perhaps Meri is truly content with the time she gets to spend with the kids in the family.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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Cindy Hunt
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I wish you’ll leave Mary alone…. She says something and you’ll hang on every word so you can say something mean about her. Grow up! If all you have to do is hang on every word Mary has to say. Then your life must be pretty boring