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Sister Wives fans praise Christine Brown for questioning why Robyn Brown has a nanny

Robyn and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Robyn Brown has a nanny and her former sister wife Christine questioned why in a preview for next week’s Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Christine Brown is being praised by Sister Wives viewers for questioning why her now-former sister wife Robyn Brown has a nanny.

During the end of this week’s episode of Sister Wives, a preview showed Christine getting into it with Kody regarding a nanny he hired to help his fourth wife, Robyn.

Christine Brown questions why Kody’s fourth wife Robyn has a nanny

“You have a nanny over. She’s over all the time,” Christine told Kody as they sat on her porch.

“I don’t understand why Ysabel can’t come over and hang out,” Christine continued to tell Kody. “She’s devastated.”

Kody and Christine’s daughter Ysabel underwent back surgery to improve the curvature of her spine caused by scoliosis. Not only did Kody not fly with Ysabel to New Jersey for her surgery, but he also refused to help Christine with Ysabel’s aftercare, post-surgery.

For her turn on the confessional couch, Christine asked the camera, making sure to slowly emphasize each word, “What does the nanny do?”

While the scene switched back outside, Kody told Christine, “Let’s bring the family to a consensus on what we’re gonna do.”

As Sister Wives viewers have watched since last season, Kody Brown imposed some strict, “inhumane” rules on his large, polygamous family in an attempt to avoid spreading COVID-19.

So Sister Wives fans were shocked to hear that he hired a nanny for Robyn. And viewers, along with Christine, are questioning why she needs one in the first place.

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit to discuss the situation in a post called You tell ‘‘em Christine!!! 🥳” that shared a gif of Christine asking the camera during her confessional, “What does the nanny do?”

Sister Wives fans commend Christine Brown for calling out Robyn for having a nanny

One Sister Wives fan called Christine’s rhetorical question the “best line of the series.”

Another agreed and was impressed with Christine’s straightforward approach and commented, “It’s even better that her body language has her leaning into the producer with total indignation…. Love her!!!!”

sister wives fans commended christine brown for calling out robyn for having a nanny
Pic credit: u/chipsandsourcream1/Reddit

“I am LIVING for Christine’s ‘take no shite’ take on life this season. She’s holding nothing back and we are HERE FOR IT,” expressed another Sister Wives fan who is loving Christine finding her voice this season.

Another Sister Wives viewer echoed their sentiments, “I’m living for Christine this season, she gives no f**ks and I’m here for it.”

One Redditor mocked the fact that Kody and Robyn were spotted recently shopping at Victoria’s Secret without masks, despite Kody’s rigid pandemic rules.

“The nanny stays with kids so Kody and Robyn can go out maskless to shop at Victoria Secret lol,” their comment read.

Christine hinted that the demise of her marriage to Kody would play out this season and it looks as though she was telling the truth.

Many Sister Wives viewers felt that Kody’s refusal to tend to Ysabel during and after her surgery was Christine’s breaking point in their 27-year-long marriage.

Since this season of Sister Wives was filmed, we know that Christine has moved on from Kody and is happily living her best life in Utah alongside her kids and her granddaughter.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. Good for you!! You go, Christine! Tell it like it is. Why these other “wives” want any part of Kody, baffles me. He proved he is low down by not supporting his daughter during a serious surgery.

  2. Wow. Just wow. At this point it isn’t about educating people on the religious lifestyle choice is it? It’s all about the reality RV money. I say xancel the show and see how well they do then..Kody only wants Robyn anyway.

  3. So they are taking emergency loans But yet they can afford a nanny for 2 kids?!?! I think this jerk,, Kody, keeps Meri and Janelle around just to provide money for these 2 entitled people who don’t appear to be working and Kody can’t even appreciate what Meri beings in via income and has very little to do with her. If I was Kody, I would be kissing Meri’s feet since she probably helps support them! Yet the family didn’t help Meri get the B&B, however they are happy to take her money! So messed up! But Kody can sit there and whine about all his wives, except Robin! Robin should be ashamed! I really hope Meri isn’t bailing them out! Kody and Robin are just users and on the others wives dime! Grow up you two!

    • I totally agree with everything u said. Meridian and janelle need to run as fast as they can, then maybe those two will have to make it on their own.

  4. I think Kody just needs to give up this BULLS**T polygamy life and just move on with his legal wife Robyn. Robyn plays the innocent but she’s a total manipulator! Bravo Christine for moving on and doing you. Maybe the other “wives” Janelle and Meri will also wake up!

  5. Everyone knows it’s all about Robin. I really don’t know why the other women stick around. Kody is a failure as a husband. Way to go, Christine.

    • From reports I’ve read, Kody and Robyn’s finances are a mess. Stay out of Victoria’s Secret and pay your bills or maybe Robyn can get a real job since she has a nanny!

  6. I believe the season was filmed in summer of 2020. Before vaccines. So that is when Kody had strict rules. Christine has been so miserable for so long I’m happy to see her go. I really don’t get why this show is still on. They have all been miserable for a long time.

  7. The network needs to ditch Kody and Robyn. Make a new show with the other wives and how they get their lives back after cutting the two losers off. Kody is a horrible father. He can go to Victoria’s Secret, but couldn’t help Kristine with their daughter? Guess he and Robyn are getting a lump of coal this Christmas!


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