Sister Wives fans love watching Christine Brown standing up for herself, finding her voice in Season 16

Sister Wives star Christine Brown
Christine Brown found her voice this season on Sister Wives and fans are living for it. Pic credit: TLC

Christine Brown is receiving praise from Sister Wives viewers who love seeing her stand her ground against her now-ex-husband, Kody Brown.

Sister Wives fans tuned in Sunday night to catch the Season 16 premiere episode.

Only one episode into the season, Kody Brown already brought up the fact that all four of his wives have mentioned leaving him at some point.

Kody and his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn still couldn’t agree when it came to their lots at Coyote Pass and COVID-19 protocols.

But Christine put her foot down right off the bat this season and made her feelings known and Sister Wives fans are loving it.

Although Christine didn’t always show her true feelings in front of Kody and the rest of the wives, she let it all out during her confessionals.

After the episode, Sister Wives viewers took to Twitter to discuss the episode and there was a common theme among the comments.

Sister Wives fans love seeing Christine Brown stand up for herself

Most Sister Wives viewers commented on how impressed they were with Christine speaking her mind and not remaining silent.

One Sister Wives fan expressed that they’re loving the more bitter version of Christine when they commented, “I love salty Christine.”

sister wives fans love the salty version of christine brown
Pic credit: @grinder_1833/Twitter

Another Sister Wives viewer echoed the same sentiment and wrote, “This season I’m really looking forward to seeing Christine standing up for herself and taking her life back. She deserves it, they all do.”

sister wives viewers love seeing christine brown stand up for herself
Pic credit: @Amanda85765482/Twitter

One tweet from a Sister Wives viewer pointed out that Christine is seemingly feeling more empowered and less apt to put up with anyone pushing her around.

“Season 16 Christine is ??? and I’m here for it,” wrote the viewer on Twitter.

sister wives fans took to twitter to praise Christine brown this season
Pic credit: @badwolfbridget/Twitter

At one point during the season opener, Kody attempted to corral his wives on Coyote Pass by whistling for their attention, which didn’t sit well with Christine, who called him out for it.

Christine Brown’s hard time this season on Sister Wives

During her confessionals, Christine explained that although she was playing along in front of the rest of Kody’s wives, inside she was suffering.

“I’m having a hard time holding it all in anyway,” Christine admitted of disagreeing with the family’s plan to stay in Flagstaff and build on Coyote Pass.

“We need to start walking or I’m going to start crying,” Christine admitted. “That’s what’s going to happen here. If I express myself, I’m just going to cry. It’s either [we] walk the property or I’m just going to walk away from this conversation entirely because this is very frustrating.”

Christine admitted that she was just pretending for the sake of peace, but we now know that she couldn’t bite her tongue much longer.

But Kody made it clear that he felt Christine was just pulling his chain when she voiced that she wanted to move back to Utah and said she was “bluffing” about going through with it.

However, Christine proved that she meant business when she announced her split from Kody on Nov. 2 after 27 years of marriage and moved back to Utah, where she’s finally making her dreams a reality.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Deborah Norwood
Deborah Norwood
2 years ago

Christine is my favorite. What she sees in Kody I’ll never understand. She’s deserves so much better.