Sister Wives: Christine Brown says watching Meri and Kody Brown’s relationship is ‘sad’

The cast of Sister Wives at a reunion
Christine Brown opens up about Meri and Kody Brown’s marriage issues Pic credit: TLC

Ahead of a new episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown sat down with Us Weekly and went into detail about her involvement in Meri and Kody Brown’s strained relationship.

Christine revealed that she isn’t privy to everything that goes on between Kody and Meri.

Christine has always been one of Kody’s most outspoken wives, and that has been no exception this season.

With all that’s going on between Meri and Kody, the other three wives, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn, have been put in an awkward position.

They’ve been left to sit back and watch as Meri and Kody have grappled with their relationship, as the turmoil has spilled into their own marriages.

Kody is ‘very private’ about his relationships

During the interview, Christine admitted that Kody is “very private” and that she doesn’t go “snooping around” in his and Meri’s business.

Christine claimed that she often has no idea what’s happening with Meri and Kody until an episode airs and she watches events unfold for the first time. She said it was “shocking” and has been “really hard.”

When Kody admitted that he no longer dated Meri, Christine had an emotional response. She said it was “really, really sad” watching Meri and Kody’s relationship.

Christine revealed that she knows Meri still has “so much hope” and says she’s being as positive as possible through it all. She felt as though Meri was doing what was best for herself and the family.

Christine noted that every relationship goes through rough patches, but that Meri and Kody’s was “heartbreaking” to watch.

Christine is brokenhearted over Kody and Meri’s conflicts

Christine wished that Meri was able to have the kind of relationship that she wanted to have.

She said, “My heart breaks for them.”

Christine thought that Meri wanted something different than what she had with Kody.

As her fellow sister wife Janelle has also expressed, Christine reiterated that it’s really hard to witness the estranged couple’s struggles. She mentioned that Kody keeps his marriage relationships separate.

Christine said she often feels like her “hands are tied” because she doesn’t know all the in’s and out’s of their problems and she isn’t sure what her role is, if any, in helping them work through their issues.

Christine and Meri have had their fair share of issues in the past

Christine and Meri aren’t strangers to relationship woes with each other. The two had some difficult conversations a few seasons ago about shutting each other out and growing apart.

When asked what the most shocking part to watch was, Christine said for her, “it’s just a bunch of tiny, little moments.” She struggled to find the words to express how she felt.

Christine admitted she tends to view things optimistically and will even lower the volume when difficult scenes play on an episode. 

Christine continues to be outspoken this season

Being outspoken is nothing new for Kody’s third wife, Christine. Already this season, viewers saw Christine claim that the rest of the spouses “hate” her in the first episode.

She was the only one of the wives to continually shoot down Kody’s one-house idea. She also complained to her sister wife Robyn about Kody’s showering habits from years ago. She has admitted to feeling like a “basement wife” for many years.

Having four separate marriages surely can’t be easy, but it’s a choice all five adults have made.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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