Siesta Key: Sam Logan says someone stole his credit card, crashed his car

Sam Logan on Siesta Key.
Siesta Key’s Sam Logan says someone stole his credit card and crashed his car. Pic credit: MTV

The drama just keeps dragging on for Siesta Key star Sam Logan.

Following every episode this season, some type of off-screen chaos has ensued between him and some of his other costars.

He and Chloe Trautman have thrown digs back and forth a few times.

He’s also shaded his ex-girlfriend Juliette Porter who has had no problem sharing her feelings about Sam and speaking out about the demise of their relationship.

As the season has continued, fans have been able to watch firsthand what happened between Sam and Juliette and create their own opinion.

Now, it seems that more drama has taken place as Sam shared that someone stole his credit card and crashed his car.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan accuses someone of stealing his credit card, crashing his car

Whether it be through Instagram live, posts on Twitter, or the short-lived podcast he hosted with Jordana Barnes, Sam has not been shy about speaking out about the way episodes have portrayed him and what he claims to have really gone on behind the scenes.

Following the most recent episode of the show, Sam was slammed yet again by Chloe who took pleasure in watching him get upset after Juliette was seen in a video snuggled up to another man.

She blamed it all on karma and was happy to see things finally catch up to Sam, who she felt was being hypocritical.

Shortly following her statement, Sam took to Twitter with a rant.

He wrote, “I’m done w being spoken down on by people who have literally stolen my credit card, crashed my cars, lied to me (which I didn’t say a thing about) the list doesn’t end and idk how people feel okay about it. So strange to me and idk what I did that made them upset. so like ??”

Sam goes on a rant following a recent episode of Siesta Key.
Pic credit: @samjlothinks/Twitter

While he didn’t come outright and say exactly who he was talking about, it’s possible that his comment was his way of clapping back at Chloe, but that remains to be seen.

Will Sam Logan share text messages between him and Juliette Porter?

In addition to his rant about people talking about him, Sam also threatened once again to expose a text message conversation between him and Juliette.

Sam threatens to expose text messages.
Pic credit: @samjlothinks/Twitter

He’s called Juliette out as a liar before and claimed he had text messages to prove it.

His recent post marks the second time he’s mentioned the text messages, but he has yet to post any of them.

Fans should stay tuned to see what happens next as the drama continues.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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