Siesta Key fans react after Juliette Porter supports Will Smith’s behavior at the Oscars

Juliette Porter on Siesta Key.
Siesta Key fans respond after Juliette Porter supports Will Smith. Pic credit: MTV

Celebrities and fans from all over the world haven’t stopped talking about Will Smith’s behavior at the Oscars, and Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter is no exception.

Juliette recently shared a photo on social media and appeared to support Will and the fact that he slapped Chris Rock.

The photo she shared showed Jada and Will dressed up for the occasion with their arms wrapped around one another.

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Juliette was supportive of Will because he was sticking up for his wife.

She captioned the post, “He had his girls back I like it!!! I will never dislike Will.”

Juliette’s response got a reaction from Siesta Key fans, and they weighed in with some thoughts of their own.

Juliette supports Will Smith’s behavior at the Oscars. Pic credit: @julietteporter/Instagram

Siesta Key fans react to Juliette Porter’s support of Will Smith

Juliette’s support of Will Smith was not entirely surprising to Siesta Key fans.

As viewers will recall, Juliette has struggled with her own aggressive behaviors in the past as she’s put her hands on a few different people when she’s been angry.

Just last season, Juliette kissed her friendship with Kelsey Owens goodbye when she hit her in the mouth while they were on vacation in the Grenadines. While Juliette was remorseful, it’s put an enormous strain on their chances of being friends ever again.

When fans saw that Juliette thought Will did the right thing by sticking up for his wife using violence, they referred to Juliette’s past behavior and even made some jokes about it.

A Reddit user shared a collage with Will Smith hitting Chris Rock on the top and Juliette hitting Kelsey on the bottom.

They joked, “Who did it better?”

One person thought Juliette was showing her age with her support for Will, and they felt it was strange for her to agree with his actions after she’s slapped people herself.

They wrote, “Even if you agree, you do not share that after you’ve slapped someone and had your own apology tour.”

Fans react to Juliette’s post. Pic credit: @u/sleepypup-10/Reddit

A separate critic thought Juliette was a “drama queen” and that her current boyfriend “doesn’t need to get involved” in that type of behavior.

Fans react to Juliette’s post. Pic credit: @u/sleepypup-10/Reddit

Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter faces drama with Sam Logan this season

As Juliette’s breakup with Sam Logan plays out for viewers this season, a lot of off-screen drama has already started.

When Juliette spoke out about why she and Sam broke up, he clapped back at her and claimed her side of the story was “gross.”

Even Juliette’s friends and costars have gotten involved in the back and forth as Chloe Trautman called Sam out on social media and said he needed to get his life together.

Sam retaliated and fired back at Chloe on his own account.

As the season goes on, the drama will continue, so fans should stay tuned to see what happens next.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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