Selling Sunset fans turn on Chrishell Stause amid ongoing drama with Christine Quinn, call her the new villain

Chrishell Stause has been called new Selling Sunset villain over Christine Quinn Season 5 drama
There’s no love lost between Christine and Chrishell on Selling Sunset. Pic credit: Netflix

Selling Sunset fans are turning on Chrishell Stause amid ongoing drama with Christine Quinn, and some are labeling her the new villain of the Netflix show.

In the first few seasons of Selling Sunset, Chrishell was a fan favorite because of her funny, nice-girl attitude. 

Christine treating Chrishell so horribly only gained more sympathy for the Days of our Lives alum. When Chrishell’s divorce from Justin Hartley played out in Season 3, Christine came under fire for spreading misinformation about the marriage.

Seasons 4 and 5 have featured the women of The Oppenheim Group divided over Christine. As Chrishell’s relationship with Jason Oppenheim and the hate for Christine play out on the small screen, some Selling Sunset fans are taking issue with Chrishell.

Selling Sunset fans turn on Chrishell Stause during ongoing drama with Christine Quinn

Twitter was exploding all weekend long as fans binge-watched Season 5 of Selling Sunset. The end was a cliffhanger that didn’t have a resolution for any of the drama.

For the first time in the show’s history, there will be a Selling Sunset reunion show to unpack things. The reunion was filmed yesterday and will drop on Netflix on Friday, May 6.

While Selling Sunset fans anxiously await the Season 5 reunion show, social media buzzes with many opinions. One hot topic was the opinion changing regarding Chrishell.

Selling Sunset fas have mixed feelings about Chrishell.
Pic credit: @yatzdpatz/Twitter and @unodosTrees/Twitter and @lisasbigfatlips/Twitter

Several Twitter users have declared Chrishell is the new villain on the Netflix series. She was referred to as “the real villain” more than once. Another commented on her being the villain and using her relationship with Jason.

Selling Sunset fans think Chrishell is a villain.
Pic credit: @catsb4bros/Twitter and @thecityboi/Twitter and @djsaucebaby/Twitter and @Heydavinaa/Twitter

One user opted for a cringy picture of Brett Oppenheim with his ex-girlfriend Tina Louise from a double date dinner scene where Chrishell was complaining about Christine.

There was even a comment referring to the soap opera actress as a bully.

Is Chrishell the new villain on Selling Sunset?

Not everyone on Twitter has jumped on the ‘Chrishell is a villain’ bandwagon. The beauty still has plenty of fans who wasted no time standing up for her.

A couple of Twitter users reminded Selling Sunset fans of all the awful things Christine has done to Chrishell. Not just to Chrishell but to the rest of the ladies who have now realized that Christine isn’t their friend.

Selling Sunset fans defend Chrishell.
Pic credit: @PRADAMARFAA/Twitter and @babybluering18/Twitter

There’s no question that Chrishell Stause has changed over five seasons on Selling Sunset. Chrishell isn’t the only one that’s changed, though. Christine Quinn has, too, and so have the rest of the people from The Oppenheim Group.

Do you think Chrishell is the villain on Selling Sunset or is it Christine?

Selling Sunset is currently airing on Netflix.

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2 years ago

I pooped my pants while reading this and I’m all the messier now. Maybe Monsters&Critics is the GOAT villain?