RHOSLC spoilers: Jen Shah suggests Meredith Marks has a secret boyfriend

Jen Shah during an episode of RHOSLC
Jen Shah implies that Meredith Marks has a secret boyfriend during a conversation with Whitney Rose. Pic credit: Bravo

Meredith Marks’ separation has been a topic of conversation amongst the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City women.

Jen Shah, in particular, revealed the news of the separation to her costar Heather Gay in an earlier episode.  Meredith had not been completely open with the other housewives about her marriage troubles.

Aside from Jen, it looked like Lisa Barlow was the only other housewives Meredith had confided in.   A flashback to months prior showed Meredith breaking the news to Lisa.

Lisa appeared shocked and saddened by the separation as she had been friends with the couple for over a decade.  Seth was also the one who gave Lisa the title of “Mormon 2.0”.

Previews of next week’s RHOSLC episode hinted that Jen suspected Meredith had a secret boyfriend.

The preview showed Jen and Whitney Rose in conversation about Meredith and her relationship status.

Whitney said, “If Meredith really is dating other people, I’m confused why we don’t know.”

Jen replied, “You don’t know but some people might know. If you’re not getting it from home you’re going to go somewhere else.”

Jen’s reply hinted that she knew more than she had let on.

Meredith doesn’t let Seth see her phone

During a recent RHOSLC episode, Meredith and Seth were on a dinner date.

Seth brought up the importance of transparency and used his cell phone as an example.  He offered for Meredith to read everything on his phone to see what goes on in his day to prove how transparent he was with her.

Meredith argued that going through each other’s cell phones had nothing to do with transparency and she refused to take his phone.  Seth then told Meredith that he thought it was wrong she would never share her phone with him and allow him to look through it.

Meredith told him she thought it was wrong to look through her phone as the messages between her and the other person were private and not meant for other people.  Seth made a comment that she was hiding something.

Is Meredith hiding a relationship with another man?

Meredith and Seth take space

In a recent episode, Seth returned home from a business trip in Ohio.  The tension between the couple became more apparent and things came to a head as Seth got ready to pack his bags and make his return trip for work.

The couple agreed to give each other space even though Seth made it clear that separation was not what he wanted.  Meredith seemed more comfortable with taking space from one another than he did.

Seth’s career has required him to travel the country and often commute between states regularly.  Since they’ve settled in Salt Lake City, Meredith is adamant about not moving again.

Did Seth’s career place a strain on their marriage?  Has the amount of time they’ve spent apart due to Seth’s travel caused Meredith to seek love in other places?

Time will tell whether Meredith and Seth can work through their issues or whether Meredith has moved on with someone new.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo. 

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