Why didn’t Meredith Marks let husband see her phone? Salt Lake City Housewife explains

Meredith Marks during an episode of WWHL with Andy Cohen
Meredith Marks explains why she wouldn’t let her husband Seth Marks see her phone Pic credit: Bravo

The majority of Meredith Marks’ storyline on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has focused on her marriage to her husband Seth Marks.

The tension between the couple has been glaringly obvious through the most recent episodes.  At one point, the couple was out to dinner and they started to discuss their relationship.

Seth brought up the importance of transparency and used his cell phone as an example.  Seth offered for Meredith to read everything on his phone to see what goes on in his day to prove how transparent he was with her.

Meredith was not interested in searching through his phone and told him that had nothing to do with being transparent.

Seth then told Meredith that he thought it was wrong she would never share her phone with him and allow him to look through it.

Why wouldn’t Meredith share her phone with Seth?

During the episode, Meredith said she thought it was wrong to do and said the messages should be kept private between the people involved in the conversation.

Meredith appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and a fan asked if Seth was insinuating that she was hiding something from him.

Meredith replied, “I don’t think that Seth was insinuating that I was hiding anything.  I think it’s more that he feels that’s an easy way to sort of communicate with each other.  He always says, ‘Oh, read my phone, and you know everything that’s happened in my day.  My feelings are when someone texts me, it’s meant for me and not for someone else.  We just have different points of view.”

Meredith and Seth’s separation

Earlier this season, Meredith revealed to long time friend Lisa Barlow that she and Seth had separated.  Lisa became emotional over the news because she had known the couple for over 10 years.

The most recent episode of RHOSLC showed Meredith picking Seth up from their airport after he spent time in Ohio for work.  During the car ride, Seth asked Meredith about a potential move to Ohio.

Meredith became frustrated by Seth’s proposition and noted that she’d moved their family several times over the course of a few years to accommodate his work schedule and she had no intentions of doing it again.  Seth seemed defeated by her response.

Later in the episode, Seth got ready to head back to Ohio and he and Meredith had an emotional conversation in which he asked her if she wanted him to leave.  Meredith replied that she thought space was a good thing for them and she thought they should continue to be separated.

Seth hugged Meredith in an emotional moment as he cried and told her it wasn’t what he wanted.

Meredith explained during Watch What Happens Live that it was hard for her to watch the situation between them unfold on television.

She said, “Honestly, I credit watching that.  It was really sad to see, and stepping out and being able to reflect back is very strange and unusual.”

Meredith recently posted Instagram photos of the two of them together and noted that she loved the father of her children.

Meredith and Seth’s current relationship status remains unknown.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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