RHONJ: Will Gia Giudice attend the Season 12 reunion?

Gia Giudice on Watch What Happens Live.
Gia Giudice may be a part of the RHONJ Season 12 reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion is gearing up to be filmed, and it looks like Gia Giudice may have a seat on the couch.

She has been a big part of Season 12, even garnering her own confessional.

Gia made waves during the season premiere when she went head-to-head with her uncle, Joe Gorga. She has made plenty of appearances throughout the episodes, and most recently, she clapped back at Margaret Josephs as they got ready for the charity softball game Dolores Catania hosted.

Will Gia Giudice appear at the Season 12 RHONJ reunion?

While there hasn’t been confirmation that Gia Giudice will have a seat on the couch, it’s almost certain she will appear for a segment.

She has been involved in the drama with the other Housewives, and having her mother’s back is her top priority. Gia isn’t here for the lack of support Teresa Giudice receives, and she isn’t afraid to speak up about it.

A Bravo and Cocktails blind item suggests that a Housewife’s child will appear at the reunion.

The obvious choice is Gia Giudice, especially with the level she has been involved in Season 12. There were rumblings Teresa’s eldest daughter was paid for her appearances throughout the season too. Since she has a confessional and was invited to be a part of the charity softball event, it isn’t too off the wall to considered she was paid.

What do we know about the Season 12 RHONJ reunion?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion will film soon, which means the end of the season is coming soon. There is a lot of drama among the women, and plenty will be hashed out when they sit with Andy Cohen in the hot seats.

Dolores Catania revealed that she thinks security will be present, which speaks to how intense Season 12 has been. Her friendship with Jennifer Aydin is still hanging in the balance too.

As far as Teresa Giudice goes, Gia Giudice confirmed her mom would be at the reunion despite her recent surgery. Teresa was admitted last week and underwent surgery that was not cosmetic. She is home now and ready to attend the reunion taping. Since she is still recovering, Gia tagging along would make sense.

Time will tell if Gia Giudice will speak her mind on the Season 12 RHONJ reunion, but chances are good she will pop up.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Gia should not have a seat on the couch and her mother shouldn’t be sharing her issues with the women on the show.